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  1. No, the much larger E24. pretty sure in japan they were called the Homy or Caravan. Called the Urvan in Aust. I sometimes call it the derrrrrvan. they came out with a KA20 (2ltr) and the v6 in japan and a z24 carb motor in Australia. The law is getting pretty strict here with putting bigger engines in cars so the v6 isn't the best option. I was pretty sure the Ka24 out of my Navara (hardbody) would fit without engine mount mods (needs an engineers report if engine mounts are modified or replacement engine is over 200cc's bigger), but I'm a little intimidated by the efi transplant. Turboing the z24 started to look like a simpler option, but now I'm not so sure. reliability and fuel economy are probably higher priorities than going fast. Would love for it to pull better up hills though. It's a pop top camper like this one.... http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hobart-region/campervan/nissan-urvan-campervan/1055500061 maybe the ka option is a better idea than carb turbo z24? i found that i had a ka exhaust manifold and an old set of extrators (aussie talk for headers) for the z motor. comparing the 2 i realised that i could probably use the ka24e godspeed turbo exhaust manifold on the z with a bit of grinding. What to do.... hhhmmmmmmm
  2. Oh, and any advise on what would be a good/cheap turbo for a 2.4litre nissan would be much appreciated. Is a factory turbo, secondhand, removed for an upgrade, going to be better quality and fine for my situation, or are the $150-$250 new, ebay, made in china turbos actually ok to use? I have a lot of experience rebuilding and working on cars and motorbikes and my father taught me a lot of his 50+years of experience working on english sports cars, but he and i both have zero experience with efi, or turbos. Got a ton of su carbys for a suck through setup though! I'm guessing blow through would be better. any advise would be appreciated.
  3. just found another thread that states that a ka24e manifold will fit a z motor if ported. Can any one confirm this? I have a nissan van with a carb z24 engine that struggles up hills. I've been trying to come up with ways to make this van run better. Recently bought a hardbody (Navara in Aust) with a ka24 in it to swap motors and have a ka in the van, but looking at the two together, the engine mounts are slightly different and from what I'm reading, it may be easier to fit a conservative turbo on the z motor using a ka manifold. No need to lower the z24's compression?
  4. Hi. I know it might be a crazy question, but is there any chance one of the godspeed cast ka24e turbo manifolds http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006R90PKI/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2K3YY3CMSFPZ6 might fit on a z24 head if it was mounted upside down? I've read that the manifold would bolt on but the ports do not line up and even with grinding, etc will not fit, so just wondering if theres a chance, with a little manipulation, that the turbo ka manifold ports may line up if mounted upside down. A bottom mounted turbo may suit my application better (to fit under the engine cover of an Australian e24 nissan van) but being in Australia it's pretty hard to get access to turbo z/ka stuff so I thought I'd ask you guys! I'd use a z18 turbo manifold, but they are really hard to find 'Down Under'...
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