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  1. so I have a 1969 PL510 wagon with a four speed. it has a 5 1/8 round base shifter boot on the floor. I've bought two replacements now and there both to small . they are a little over 4inch where can i get the right one?
  2. the one out of the 77 is 22100 B8001 and the 78 is 22100 N8502 I don't recall using any of the Original L16 parts other then the valve cover. I can send a picture if that helps.
  3. Hi, I have an odd combo in my 510. its a Z24 short block with a ported L20B head on it. (seamed like a good idea at the time) I've been using the 1977 L20B point distributor and recently got a 1978 L20B electronic distributor to replace it. So the electronic one has a slightly shorter drive shaft then the point distributor and my electronic distributor did not come with the extension housing. so does anyone know if the electronic distributor had a shorter extension housing, or is there some other difference I'm not seeing? Thanks
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