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  1. masonwaller3@gmail.com

    XXR 531 15x8 +20

    Ive got 280zx struts. Sold the wheels now on the prow for some more.
  2. masonwaller3@gmail.com

    XXR 531 15x8 +20

    Ok so a 15x7 +0 up front & maybe a15x8 +0 in the back?
  3. masonwaller3@gmail.com

    XXR 531 15x8 +20

    Do not fit on my 80 510 wagon, even with 10 mm spacer the inner lip hits the strut. WTF will fit dammit
  4. masonwaller3@gmail.com

    80 510 Wagon wheel fitment

    the tires on her now are 185/65r13 nexen after i got wheels i would probably want to run something like 195/50r15
  5. masonwaller3@gmail.com

    80 510 Wagon wheel fitment

    I've got 13x7 Basset racing wheels on her right now. she's sitting at stock ride height and was going to lower according to the qheels i got for her. i would settle for 15x7 but wanted something like xxr 501 15x8 +15 if they would work. really Im just baffled on what offset i should run. ive got 280zx strut and t3 camber kit
  6. masonwaller3@gmail.com

    80 510 Wagon wheel fitment

    Got a 1980 510 wagon 280zx struts and coilovers. Really wanted a pair 15'' old school looking wheels that ride as good as they look. Don't want anything really aggressive don't mind rolling a bit but not too much. (I originally ordered rota grid v 15x8 +0 but cancelled because of required fender modification) would a 15x8 +10 work? I plan on lowering 2'' in back eventually

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