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  1. Thanks! I used that sheet and the other one on the site to build up a few prototype sets
  2. markate

    Solex question

    Awesome! Thank you
  3. markate

    Solex question

    That is very interesting. I checked the oil pan last night, it looks like the stock one. I was also not able to find a cam stamp to verify it was a "B" cam. Do you know if the options could be purchased seperatly, or was it a "competition package" that was all or nothing? I'm just trying to figure out how many upgrades this car would have. Thanks Again,
  4. markate

    Solex question

    This weekend we bought a 69 2000. At the time we contacted the seller, it looked like a standard 2000. However, the seller was told the car looked like it had solex carbs on it and would pay more than the number the seller and I agreed on. By the end of the night the car went from 1500 (asking price) to... well... more.... a fair amount more. I recall reading that the 67.5 2000 came with factory installed solex and an upgraded cam. Was the only way to get the solex in 69 with the competition package? Would that mean it also cam with the upgraded cam? Honestly, the car has a lot more cancer on it than we thought (never pick up a car at night or negotiate against a phantom buyer in Georgia...). We are debating if we want to do a body swap, part it out, or try and do a restore on it an sell it. Generally, are 69 solex cars more desirable than regular 2000's, a lot more? Is there a vin directory that can help us determine if this had the competition package or was bolted on later? Would that impact the value of the car?[/size] Thanks in Advance!
  5. Received the sensor and tried to install it yesterday. The old one did not want to come out (not too uncommon, I am sure). After much struggle, it came out, but we managed to chew up the threads of the head pretty bad. I am hoping to chase them and get this put back together, but my girlfriend accidentally took the nut portion of the assembly with her out of town and I can't use it to get the measurements until tomorrow. Does anyone have an idea what the thread is? If I recall, I measured the pitch as metric 16. Any help would be appreciated as I was hoping on working on it tonight. Thanks!
  6. That is great information! Thank you. I ordered new sensors from Rock Auto and I have a few extra dials for read out. I will see what I get and start looking at this problem variable by variable. Thanks again!
  7. That is a great suggestion. I will look into that. any idea where I could find the spec of what it should be for each car?
  8. No, it starts at below zero and move up. It seems like the scale is wrong. Guessing it has to do with the resistance, as mentioned above
  9. We bought a Roadster with an A14 swapped into it. We immediately noticed that the temp sensor was running well over 250F. However, when we put a temp gun to it, we were around 180-190. It seems pretty obvious that something has been lost in translation from the Roadster dial and the 210 motor. We are going to try and chase the wires and see if we can find anything, but I am hoping someone has run into this issue before and has some wise sage advise to offer. Thanks in Advance,
  10. I've been searching through the forums here and on 1200 to see if I can identify my motor by the serial number. The number is 702794, it has a 5 spd transmission and was swapped into the roadster I just bought. The number is stamped, not cast. The head is aluminum. Any help is appreciated.
  11. markate

    A14 thermostat?

    Been in Roadster world the last few years, purchased one with an A14 in it. The swap looks like it was done well enough, but there are some things we are trying to understand. First off, where is the thermostat? Second, what temp should the thermostat run? Also, does anyone know if the 5spd from an A14 will bolt on to a R16 motor? Thanks!
  12. Katie and I picked up a Roadster in San Diego with the A14 swap. We have been pleasantly surprised with what is in the car and what we bought it for. Anyway.... We have a issue we would love some help with. First, the car does not have a heater. We noticed the valve that sends coolant to the heater (the one with the lever mounted on the firewall) was leaking and replaced it with one of the valves we had sitting around. This replacement valve is stuck in a nearly closed position. We started to run the car and ran into overheating issues. We figured it had to do with the stuck valve which we can replace, but were wondering if there were any risk of bypassing the valve and feeding back into the block.
  13. We will be there with a ton of used roadster parts!
  14. I heard that someone on the forum has SS kits for the roadsters for sale. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks,
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