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  1. ride height looks perfect...love the wheels too
  2. Thanks Josh,unfortunately i don't have the color code anymore,but if i remember coreclty it was a volkswagen color code.
  3. thanks...yes,it's possible,i think i had a cardomain page.
  4. Hello everyone,my name is Thomas,and i have a Datsun 210(140Y).I am from Romania,and i had this car for the last 7 years.I got it from my dad when i turned 18 and i got my license. The car looked pretty bad,now it's better. Anyway,i found some rust around the front bumper bracket mounting points,and i'm trying to reconstruct that area,but i don't know how it looked like originally.I think there were two layers of metal. Could someone post please a couple pictures with that area from a solid car.
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