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  1. I was at Glass Doctor today getting my Buick windshield replaced and inquired about a windshield for my 78 B210. They had 3 sources. Part number FW281GTN. Price $160.00 . Hope that helps some people.
  2. No external leaks. Put a paper towel under the sight glass and main jet plugs and watched for 3 days. No stain or gas smell on paper towel. Happens on both carburetors. Have not spent any time on the problem yet so i will try to figure it out. Yes maybe evaporation from heat. I did not use the extra thick paper gasket. DCH306.
  3. bob3d

    78 b210 rear end

    Checked the connections and they are good. Timing mark steady now. Went for a drive and its really not bad for a 40 year old car. Tried both distributors. I will continue to monitor the situation. Thanks.
  4. bob3d

    78 b210 rear end

    Since I had a shop do the clutch ,I don't know if the flywheel was resurfaced but since they only work on Datsun and Nissan , I assume they would do it right. I've done a lot of clutch jobs where the flywheel just needed to be deglazed. I took another look at the timing and it was jumping back and forth at least 5 degrees. I changed the rotor and it was steady. When I got the car it wasn't jerky But one of the first things I did was replace the distributor and the car sat in my garage for 5 years.I replaced everything I could to prepare for future unavailability of parts. Nothing was actually bad. Maybe the rotor was the problem. The new one was a little different. I will take it for a drive to see what happens.
  5. My dch drained after 3 days. Bought a reman carb does the same thing.
  6. Cut a 10mm wrench in half and tie a string to it to prevent losing it if dropped. Putting the nuts back on is just as bad. stuff something in back to catch dropped nuts.
  7. bob3d

    Carb not holding fuel?

    Is there a return fuel line? See if it has a small orifice that may be clogged. Take off the rubber hose and look at the metal tubing. I never noticed it until recently on mine.
  8. bob3d

    78 b210 rear end

    Replaced driveshaft with new. Old one was good. U joints not replaceable so had to get them with a new driveshaft while I could still find one so I could have a spare for future use. The old diff oil looked as good as the new with nothing on the magnetic plug.
  9. bob3d

    78 b210 rear end

    The mounts look good but I have new ones if needed. No loose wiring. Distributor same as original, D4F5 , 70 MM ID. Happens under all conditions of driving. Its not real bad but its such a nice car I just cant accept that its not perfect. Yes it does it while coasting too. There is a very slight whining in the rear end. Should I tighten the yoke nut a little and risk the crush sleeve? It is not loose. Crush sleeves are hare to find. This is a family owned car since new so I know its history. My Dad was in the habit of driving in high gear st slow speeds so the car would shake like crazy. Maybe crush washer affected? I'm grasping at straws now. Thanks.
  10. bob3d

    78 b210 rear end

    I have cleaned the gas tank and lines, filter replaced and fuel pump.Pressure is good. Idles and revs perfect. New plugs and wires. Head professionally rebuilt. I did notice low power and replaced the distributor sometime ago. Could the reluctor adjustment cause this or something else with the dist? Apparently my carb was ok but I replaced it with a rebuild which didn't help. Have not changed the electronic ignition yet but have a new one. Have removed most emissions stuff and disconnected the transmission 'high' switch . I appreciate your vast knowledge on these subjects. Diff yoke rotates about 1/4 inch but doesn't wiggle at all.Thanks.
  11. bob3d

    78 b210 rear end

    My 4 speed is jerky at all speeds. I replaced driveshaft and clutch with no change. My Dad never would downshift and I wonder if the H150 diff could be worn. It does not make noise. 110,000 miles. New carb, struts and shocks. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. bob3d

    dch306 fast idle adjustment

    Thanks. Another reason to keep my old carb is for reference without having to take that darn air cleaner off.
  13. bob3d

    dch306 fast idle adjustment

    I meant to say adjust it with the wire off. Its a rebuilt carb. The idle is fine after it warms up but way too high for the first few minutes.until the auto choke moves. My original carb was fine. One owner car.78 b210. but I like having spares for everything. I was really impressed with the quality of the rebuild. They even rebushed the primary throttle shaft . Don't know how they ever found an exact replacement. It was that company in Florida. I guess I'll just try to adjust it a bit and see how it goes. I can always take the carb off but its running so good I hate to mess with it. Thanks.
  14. bob3d

    dch306 fast idle adjustment

    Wondering if i can adjust the fast idle with the car running if i disconnect the auto choke. I have modified the heat shield to give good access to the adj screw under the carb.
  15. bob3d

    U-Joint for 10 / 78 B210

    I bought one for my 78 b210 as a spare from WholesaleImportParts.com for $284.40 . Not cheap but what else can you do? Part no. 25780-1291214. No they are not replaceable mike but the originals were still good after 40 years so im good for a while. Get your spare parts while you can.

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