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    Δ Bride B310 N028FO Seat Rails (Driver Side) Δ Used to mount fixed-back racing seats (Bride/Recaro/etc) Δ Hardware to attach side-mount seat brackets to rails included Δ Lightly used (<500 miles) Δ Imported via BProjects


  3. http://datsun510.com/manuals/Service_Manual_Datsun_210_1979.pdf What you're loooking for starts on .pdf page #121. I'm not sure of any changes between '79 and '80, whether yours is a California model, etc, so there are probably some differences. Also reference this page: http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Emission_Controls The 210 Haynes has exactly what you're looking for, but I haven't found an image of the later year 210 diagrams online.
  4. Datzenmike & Kelmo, thanks for the replies. Thus far I'm still struggling to find a definitive part # for the original starter that came with the engine. I may have a local dealer order a 23300-H7300R for comparison. 23300-H7300R pulls up on a Nissan Parts site and crossreferences as Remy DRS2231 on Rock Auto. Most Nissan part #s crossreference as 16211 on Rockauto/Autozone/etc, (including the SR136X from the stater that fit) which as of now will not fit my engine/transmission. Below is an image of the listed starters for an '82 210 (B310) on Rock Auto, which I where I got the part # for the reduction starter (16611). This is the part # listing from the datsun1200 tech wiki:
  5. I've come across a discrepancy in A series starters. My understanding was that they should all interchange, but I'm unsure of that at this point. The one on the left is P/N 16211 (Autozone/RockAuto are indentical). The solenoid placement hits the corner of the block. The starter on the right came off the car ('82 B310 with 60A 5MT), and is listed as Bosch SR136X, and fits the engine fine. Placement of the solenoid is farther away from the mounting face on the casting. Can anyone point me in the direction of a starter that fits properly, or know why the two castings are different? Would an A15 forklift starter work, and has anyone tried a forklift starter on an automotive A15? These seem to have a solenoid which is farther away like my old Bosch starter. Thanks.
  6. The DC2 Integra coilovers I was running were too short, and wouldn't provide enough thread engagement in the lower mount. New CG Accord coilovers were ordered and paired with some 9K swift springs I had laying around, and I also got new calipers, rotors, balljoints, sway bar endlinks, tie rod ends, and T3 RCA. The rear has Mustang II Monroes and cut springs. The car is now drivable, but needs a few small tweaks and an alignment. Hopefully I'll drive and work on it more in the near future. Final height on 155/55/14. Definitely a ratsun.
  7. I agree with cutting being a guestimate, however I haven't found anywhere selling rear AE86 perches directly; I may have to contact stance/ksport/megan/etc to see if I can purchase some, or perhaps find some used. 6K springs are what came with the function forms when I purchased them; if they prove to be too stiff I can purchase a pair of swift springs in whatever spring rate I want :)
  8. I may want to run 13" down the road, so for my goals I decided to stick with the OE brakes. The fronts are 6K or 335ftlb springs. I was planning to cut 1/2 coil or 1 coil at a time and get shorter rear shocks. Ideally I'd like to have an adjustable perch setup like this, which is the AE86 setup I was referring to:
  9. Greetings. I've recently purchased a US model B310 coupe. It runs and drives, but the body is in rough shape. I plan to leave it in a style similar to the Motorfix corollas. I'm planning on having the chassis of the B310 as close to the ground as possible. The intitial setup will be 155/55s on 14x6 280zx wheels. I'll space the rears and have either RCA or NCRCA up front. Up front I'll be running modified function form coilovers, with the lower perch welded to the B310 strut body. This is the setup I currently have: The car with the above coilovers installed: In back I originally planned cut springs and shorter rear shocks, however I'm wondering if the adjustable spring perch from AE86 rear coil overs will work in the B310 chassis?
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