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  1. maddogdriver

    1979 Datsun 810

    Awesome 810. Great to see another one saved.
  2. maddogdriver

    My new 810 coupe.

    I did find it on craigslist and only 80 miles from my house. 2 hours later I was driving it home. It ran great. In fact the ac blows ice cold air and he said it has not been charged since he bought it new. I will ask about the rims the next time I talk to him.
  3. maddogdriver

    My new 810 coupe.

    It is a 5 speed.
  4. maddogdriver

    My new 810 coupe.

    The guy i bought it from bought it new in 1979. He was 84 and said he just didn't drive it enough anymore. Great guy and it was very apparent he was sad to let it go.
  5. maddogdriver

    My new 810 coupe.

  6. maddogdriver

    My new 810 coupe.

    Just wanted to post a picture of my recent purchase. http://i1353.photobucket.com/albums/q663/maddogdriver/Mobile%20Uploads/20140806_181027_zps7cb92b72.jpg
  7. maddogdriver

    Testing pic posting


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