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  1. Does anyone know if installing the ZX manual crossmember allow for a rear sump engine into the 810? Thanks..
  2. Does anyone know if installing the ZX manual crossmember allow for a rear sump engine? Thanks..
  3. Abes

    810 PEDAL assembly

    Yea I'll have to go that route if I cant find anything. Still looking though.
  4. Abes

    810 PEDAL assembly

    Still looking for pedals if anyone has them. Thanks..
  5. I was looking at a few pictures and was wondering if this swap would make a rear sump engine fit with out modifications on a 79 wagon. I've got an entire front manual rack/ crossmember assembly from a 280x that i bought a few years ago and never used it. I pretty much have all of the front end components that came on the 280x. Does anyone know If I were to swap the 280zx manual crossmember and all of its components along with the manual rack conversion (as per Zcarnut/ Archetype write up) If I would be able to swap in a rear sump (l28et for example) with out modifications? I still have the factory l24 in the car at the moment and haven had much time to mess with it. Thanks..
  6. Abes

    810 PEDAL assembly

    Pm sent. Thanks
  7. Abes

    810 PEDAL assembly

    Does anyone know where I'd be able to find a pedal assembly (or just a clutch pedal) for an 810. I want to swap a 5-speed over from the automatic that's currently I nstalled. Been searching on the topic for a while and haven't been able to find one or come up with a solution.. Thanks..
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