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  1. 720 Freak

    L20 not cranking

    thanks a lot for the help, as soon as the new parts I ordered get here I'm gonna jump in.
  2. 720 Freak

    L20 not cranking

    So this sounds like what my problem is, can this be done with the motor still in the truck or do I have to pull it? After all this I'm gonna basically have a rebuilt engine!!! I feel like a big ol D.A. for not doin the chain blocking! Hey anybody wanna come help me do it! I'm in NE Ga and I'll feed ya and buy the beer!!!!
  3. 720 Freak

    L20 not cranking

    So if the tensioner has fallen out do I need to remove the front engine cover to replace? I don't remember reading anything about a tensioner when I researched the job but simply could've forgotten it (old age) lol I did mt best to make sure to keep everything is the same position when I removed it but I didn't " block" the timing chain
  4. 720 Freak

    L20 not cranking

    Ok so I'm new to the forum and thx for adding me. I've just finished replacing the head gasket on the L20 got everything back together and now it won't crank, I think I have the plug wires right according to what I've found on the net but the best way to describe what it sounds like when I try to crank it is the way a motor sounds when it had no plugs in. I'm pretty sure I've got spark but it's so bright outside here today it's kinda hard to tell so I'm gonna look at it again tonight. Any advice that you guys might have is def welcome

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