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  1. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    When he said $130 per wheel I knew I'd have to look elsewhere. I'll try the spacers first, that way if they work I'll just buy original datsun wheels. Thanks for the help flatcat
  2. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    I found this site yesterday while looking for a solution. They seem to offer a good variety of stock wheels, pricey though http://www.akhwheels.com/pages/inventory.php?cat=3
  3. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    Thanks denmark I'll look into these as well
  4. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    Nothin wrong with the current setup, I just really want stock hubcaps on You can see here the back wheels are much different This is the look I'm after
  5. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    They're 15x6 Why should be at least 7" wide?
  6. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    I appreciate the input. What do you think of these: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/4895823747.html
  7. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    Yea I have disc brakes all the way around. The ones in the back are different. I think they come from an Isuzu trooper. Front ones off a 720.
  8. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    Good info. I'll look into some 15 inch steelies. They should be 15x 4.5 is that right? what are my options as far as the brakes go. Would I be able to replace the caliper with a smaller one?
  9. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    Thanks, I'll look into these. Are K5s hard to come by? Are they the closest thing to datsun wheels in terms of looks?
  10. Corona521

    Stock wheels question

    I'm desperately trying to get stock wheels on my 521 so that I could put my original hubcaps on. The trouble is, the original 14s don't clear the disc brakes I have on the rear end. The wheel would need another inch or so to clear the caliper. IVe got some 15" rims on there rear now with the original 14s on the front end. Any advice or ideas?
  11. Corona521

    DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock

    I'm looking for some 521 parts Original steering wheel Original hubcaps and wheels Bumperettes
  12. Corona521

    Light blue 521 from California.. to England

    i love the look of the hub caps, where did you find them?
  13. Corona521

    Post Your 521.

    Continuing the green theme.
  14. Corona521

    My first 521

    Thanks for the post, that's pretty much what mine looks like
  15. Corona521

    My first 521

    do you have a picture of your setup? it may be different

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