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  1. I have for sale a Troy ermish racing CV conversion for a Datsun 510 with r200 diff, bnib $750 cad + shipping TXT 7783504510 or email wianson@gmail.com
  2. I have an r160 clsd for sale, Out of my old 510, locks hard, can come with axles, 3.7 ratio. $700 CAD Located on Vancouver Island, can ship. Text 7783504510 or email wianson@gmail.com
  3. drove my ka powered 72 home from washington state today. 5 hour drive, and it's the first drive in 15 months, so it was really exciting. i changed the turbo set up and got a haltech sprint 500 ems as well as lots of fuel system mods and some rust repair, so i was super nervous but it ran good, just needs a tune and some clean up. first time wiring a standalone engine management system and doing this much fabrication an a car, so well see if it all works properly when i get it on a dyno. kinda janky tho so i have my worries.
  4. my daily for a while. about to get back on the road after boosting it, because 150hp with ghetto suspension wasn't scary enough. images are mirrored because i can't figure out how to use this computer. i'm patching some rust right now in the jankyest way possible. a couple photos of what i'm working with. notice the hole in the hood and exhaust XD very loud.
  5. oh by the way my air to water inter cooler is 11" by 4" by 3 1/2" with 2 1/2" inlet and outlet. basically a little rectangular box. water runs thru it so it cools well. it was on my friends sr powered 240 making 400whp. it was starting to get warm on that power level and was upgraded, that's how i got it. anyway just an option that might help keep things compact while still being able to support lots of boost. you do need to run coolant lines from the intercooler to a heat exchanger (transmission oil cooler or a heater core will work for this, basically a mini radiator) as well as a reservoir
  6. hey guys what about a trunk mounted radiator? obviously it kinda sucks for a daily. but i love my bay with the space freed up. i've got a ka-t 4 door 72. i just mounted mine there to make room for a big fmic, my other turbo setup was an air to water inter cooler right under the turbo, then making a U underneith a high spot between the pan and crossmember and coming up the other side. this set up fit under my hoot without any pipes in front of the motor. i got rid of it because i don't like wires and reservoirs and heat exchangers crowding the space. it worked for the short time i used it. any
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