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    I am looking for a lower dash (trapezoidal type instrument cluster- no cracks/breaks) to replace the one in my '81 210 wagon. Willing to pay shipping to Dallas, TX.


  2. Awesome wagon you have. I've an '81 210 wagon that I am bringing back from the brink of death. My "Billygoat" served me well for almost a decade, and blew his #3 piston 2 years ago. Good to see another 210 wagon;)
  3. Moved home to Dallas. Any Datsun owners around. Seems I'm the oldest thing on the road here.

  4. So an update on this situation. Sorry folks, but i have failed. I managed to troubleshoot the cause of the issue to a leaking radiator, which caused the engine to overheat, & blow the head gasket. Got parts ordered (head, valve cover, thermostat, exhaust manifold gaskets, thermostat, EGR valve, temp sending unit), & had the radiator repaired. Started the teardown process, & have been stuck on the last of the exhaust nuts near the firewall (friggin attached bracket blocks any tool i possess from reaching it). After two months, i'm getting smart, & taking the old girl to a mechanic who knows how to address this issue. My apologies to you all, but replacing a head gasket is beyond my expertise- even with the aid of three different manuals. Thank you all for your advice, suggestions, & information freely given.
  5. Just picked up the radiator for the '80 210. Leak repaired, and component pressure tested-- the tech forewarned that it is getting old (makes me nervous-- will be posting for replacement radiator for both my 210's soon). Ordering new hoses, gaskets, thermostat, Temp sending switch, PCV & EGR (why not?) from Rock Auto, along with associated head/exhaust gaskets, in preparation for the work to be done. Pulling head as soon as cooling sys. replacement parts are in. Question(s).... once I pull her head, & do an initial cleaning (with gasoline), what should I be looking for, with regards to possible damaged valves, valve stem/guides/seats?
  6. Cosmonaut, thank you for including that part of the cooling system components. I've never done a heater core flush before. I take it the core needs to remain in the car, or am I wrong? Taking into consideration the issues I am working to rectify were caused by a leaking radiator, flushing the core would be highly relevant. Are there any posts on how to execute this action, or could you kindly advise me as to how to go about it? Please advise.
  7. Gotcha on that. Thank you. What else might I check for damage, from this overheating problem, while I have this girl torn apart (hoses, wiring, thermostat, PCV or EGR valves)?
  8. Indeed, koparts, off with her head, lol. Thank you, DatzenMike, for compression info. Any suggestions on reputable machine shops in SW Washington, & proven head gasket brands?
  9. Finally got around to this issue. Pulled plugs- #'s 2 & 3 had coolant on them still. #'s 2,3, & 4 had been fouled with crusted coolant. Compression test results were as follows: (dry/wet)- #1 (130/150), #2 (80/80), #3 (0/10), #4 (15/30).
  10. What are the compression specs for an '81 210/B310 A15 engine?
  11. What are the compression specs for the 210 A15 engine
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