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  1. Thanks again Stuc! Great info. Although... "desk caliper" ? Also, you wouldn't happen to know where to get a windshield would you? Thanks H
  2. Anyone know where to get the rubber dust cover boots for the 410/411 tie rods etc? Are the 310's the same? Thanks
  3. Good morning all, I'm looking for a source and or compatibility for 410/411 front suspension bushings and rubber dust covers for the ball joints etc. Is the 310 suspension the same?


    Thanks in advance,  H

    1. MikeRL411


      Don't know about the ball joint covers but Rock Auto and JCWhitney used to stock suspension and front sway rod bushings, but only in Polyethelene.  They are stiffer than factory, but some users drill holes along the length if they find the feel is too stiff.  I have Rock Auto bushings on my RL411 front tie/sway rod and they feel just right to me.


      By  the way, the British Borg Warner transmission is still in use in Europe.  Complete [less bands] rebuild kits are available.  Also transmission filter and gaskets.

  4. Oh yes I remember. I'll check your post. Thanks R
  5. The price is for the front and back. Do you still have a windshield? 209-296-8471
  6. Hey I just happened to come across this topic. I'm the guy in "Gold Country CraigsList" with the 411 seat covers. Done custom upholstery for over 30 years. I still have the patterns to make some up if needed. $685 a set. I have a 67 SSS I'm restoring and in need of parts. Maybe trades? Needed: Front suspension bushings etc A running R16? Disc brake parts Frnt Pass door Windshield & window rubbers
  7. Hello Tana, sorry to hear of your health issue. I am new to Ratsun. I just acquired a 67 SSS and will be in the Seattle area the first week of August. I am in need of a few items, a front pass door is one of them. Would you happen to have one? Thanks Richard "Hawk" Hawkins
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