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    1972 Datsun 521
  1. vodkanmilk

    521 5 speed tranny mount..(need)

    i need a tranny mount for my datsun 521. iv swaped it from a 4 speed to a 5 speed. it has to be made costom. i was wondering if any of you ratheads has one or who can make me one & how much? thanks. andrew.
  2. vodkanmilk

    what oil pan can i use on my 521?

    @king rat you dont have a lousy l16 oil pan laying around would you?? looking for one is the fun part thanks alot man im new to the datsun world and loving it!!!
  3. vodkanmilk

    what oil pan can i use on my 521?

    Hello Ratsun freaks! i have a 1972 521 datsun pick up for some odd reason my center link hits on my oil pan. iv been reading on the forums that i might have l20b oil pan is the reason it hits. also was readin that a l16 oil pan might do the trick. but any advise would be great!!!

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