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  1. 82m

    A15 bell housing

    Time Left: 21 days and 13 hours

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    A long shot, But i am looking for a 60 series bell housing and clutch fork to suit an A15. Also would need to be shipped to New Zealand. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Cheers


  2. 82m

    short shocks for front

    I just saw a shock at work yesterday, I didn't have time to measure it up unfortunately.. but im sure it was shorter than any other shock ive seen. it was from a little Isuzu truck. NKR66e Isuzu part number 8972535920 KYB part number 444261 If someone has the resources to look up the dimensions that may be an option..
  3. 82m

    A15 rebuild or replace

    they are pretty easy to come by here.. pull it apart and find out what's wrong with it first tho
  4. Now, on to my 620.. I have always wanted a Datsun of my own and when I saw the 620 I knew it was going to be that. I have owned this for about two years. But moving house like 5 times and never having the room to work on it, progress has been slow. When I got it, the previous owner had stripped it, painted it and then lost motivation. Im not sure how long it was sitting as a bare shell but he was pretty keen to get rid of it. This is how I got it I removed the cab to repaint the chassis and mount my A15 (the one from my dads sunny) This is where progress staalled. Due to moving etc. But I was able to do a bit of work in it while it was in storage. I did the 720 4X4 rear leaf swap and added some two inch blocks. I also disc brake swapped the front. As it is a '79 with ball joint front end, it was easy to just swap in the spindles from a D21 Navara. I also painted and polished my wheels. So after all that and also building a new garage with my flatmate, this is how it sits Cheers for checking this out. I hope it satisfies your oic cravings there will be more to come
  5. G'day guys, I've been lurking here for a while now. Decided its time for my own thread.. Ill start with a bit of back ground on myself; My love of Datsuns started when I was quite young, maybe 5 or 6. My Dad built a kit car for a friend. It was a Jaguar Swallow, looks like this; But it was powered by an L24 or an L26 (cant remember) with a cam and triple carbs etc.. but the sound of that was unreal. A while later, when I was twelve my Dad then made me a Ministock. These are a youth dirt track speedway class. They are powered by Datsun Sunny or Toyota Corrola 1200cc engines and running gear. You can guess which one I had. Here's a few photos of it; You can see where my screen name comes from haha My older brother then got a nice litte B310 Sunny coup. We rebuilt the engine and fixed the rust. It was a solid car for a couple of years until he rear ended a late model Audi and insurance wrote it off. Now in New Zealand once a car has been written off it is quite a task to get it back on the road. My brother couldn't be bothered getting it back to Warrant of Fittness standard. So my dad brought it off him and is slowly turning it into a race car Yes that is a VG30DE under there.. Progress is pretty slow with this one due to his work commitments, but ill update when things get done.
  6. fuckin ae photo professional now cheers guys
  7. [img ]https://farm9.static...d5b7068_z.jpg
  8. {img} https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8267/29959184100_080d5b7068_z.jpg{/img}
  9. {img}https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8267/29959184100_080d5b7068_z.jpg{/img} test
  10. Are you using the original gearbox? as far as I can see, they should all have the same spline count & size.. should be 25.4mm or 1" by 24 teeth http://www.exedy.com.au/clutch-finder-nz have a look at this site. NZ has all JDM models so it should be listed in there.

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