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  1. yea on my newer canon intake there is no "balance tube", or anything connecting the runners. Just a hole in the 4th intake runner, that i plugged with a bolt, and some gas teflon.
  2. yup its a canon manifold.cam is .475" at valve, around 248 duration, I think, I got it from dave. h'mmm maybe ill try that. But I thought the intake walls were not connected. and when you were running at 1600rpm was it smooth-ish?
  3. there was a slight vacuum leak on the rubber insulators. it's gone now and sounding better but I think my idle jets are too big and i get a blip when Ipress the throttle.
  4. I don't know much about tuning webers other than syncing and changing the idle mixture. I can't seem to get a smooth idle at all, I mean it sounds somewhat consistent but very shaky. The idle i can only get down to about 1500, and when I just lightly touch the throttle the rpms shoot up to 3000+. It makes it almost undrivable. I just timed my ignition, so it's not that. They are 45 DCOE 152 36mm venturi Jets are: 145 main 185 air corrector F16 emulsion tubes 55 F8 idle jets 45 pump jets Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edqbTtmxvMk
  5. I just called them and he said there retainers will certainty take 180 thou pads. and said the'll take much more than 180 too.
  6. yup i do see isky has retainers but i'm not sure if there stock or not. There's no specs. http://iskycams.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_48&products_id=1763&zenid=hki0oviniquhem357u3hp03k90
  7. my bad not 200lb in the range of 80lb at least thats what http://www.acxesspring.com/spring-force-constant-calculator.html told me. and for the lash pads. The radius of my stock base circle is .6575 and the radius of the new cam is .6175". .6575 - .6175 = .04 X 1.48 = .0592 + .120(stock lash pad height) = .1792"
  8. k cool I just bought come pads from the Z store. Since my plan is to run 7k RPM and I already have dual 45 DCOE and 200lb springs. I think i should get retainers too. I couldn't find any retainers on the Z store so my next option is schneider will these suffice? it doesn't say the min/ max pad lash thickness.
  9. Schneider says they are out of stock on lash pads and on retainers they don't tell me min/max lash pad height
  10. where do you get your lash pads and retainers?
  11. the radius of my stock base circle is .6575 and the radius of the new cam is .6175". .6575 - .6175 = .04 X 1.48 = .0592 + .120(stock lash pad height) = .1792" + . 001" or for lash or whatever. With your infinite wisdom, would it be best to get new retainers too with a .180 pad?
  12. I did some more thinking and this is the easiest way in my opinion of getting it as close to accurate as possible. and I did this calculation on my used regrind it came out to .179", so that means go with .180" pads right, that is is the stock datsun lash pads are .120" including the recess? and cam i use .180" pads with stock retainers?
  13. I need new lash pads for a reground cam and I cam across this formula on datsunparts.com I was wondering if it actually works and to make this whole process easier and so I don't have to cut up a feeler gauge. this is based on the 1.396 rocker arm ratio. FORMULA: Use the following example and plug in your own numbers. Base circle diameter of your camshaft ___ subtracted from the constant 1.310 = ____ divided by 2 = ___ + original lash pad thickness of .078 = ___. Select a lash pad thickness from our stock as close to this thickness as possible. and what does constant mean?
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