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  1. Duk610

    1972 610 race car

    windshield is cracked so i probably wont buy it, i already have a 73 2dr with a cracked windshield. The big one is the add says it comes with a low milage L20b motor and 4spd, so i says to the guy ill come with cash and take it if it somewhat runs, hey says to me it has no motor a running 610 is 15g, i emailed him back said have you read your add it clearly says comes with motor and tranny. I dont think he liked that hasnt got back to me since
  2. Duk610

    1972 610 race car

    Has anyone looked at the 72 610 2dr race car for sale. I found it on craigslist out of portland, the car is actually up here in Kelowna B.C Canada with me. It says its a well known SCCA car from the 70's , 80's. Its number 62 red and blue, id post a picture but i dont know how. i did some looking to see if i could find anything on this car but was unable to find anything. Has anyone ever seen this car race or know anything about it.
  3. Duk610

    Introduction: Me and my new 610

    The window clips to hold the trim on apparently were used on a bunch of different vehicles, i was on a web site cant remember which one but it was selling those clips it listed datsun and ford using the same clips. hope that helps
  4. Duk610

    Introduction: Me and my new 610

    i found those windshields
  5. Duk610

    Introduction: Me and my new 610

    Where on ebay did you see the windshields i cant find them. Need one so i can put my 73 on the road
  6. Duk610

    Introduction: Me and my new 610

    Take car of your glass, i have a 73 2dr and am in the middle of not finding a new windshield or back quarter windows for my car. I would also condition your door seals with something, havent found alot of those either. As far as the window seal its just a thin little piece, looks more like foam tape.
  7. Duk610

    73 610 2dr

    In need of a windshield, door seals, some other things but those two are the most important. I am on the hunt but if any one has any direction then can send me in it would be much appreciated My email Duk@live.ca
  8. I want to wish you good luck in your search, I also have a 2dr 610 with no quarter windows, let me know how you make out and I will do the same for you
  9. Duk610

    610 parts

    Does any one know where i might find some 610 parts looking for interior and glass, or a hole other car please let me know
  10. Duk610

    610 leaving the States

    I live up in British columbia and have a 2 door 610, if you could get give me the name or the number of the shop, I would give them a call, i would love to buy another 610
  11. Duk610

    610s unite!!!!!!

    I have a 73 610 2door I bought 13yrs ago as a race car, its not much to look at but its all metal and not banged up. I just joined so i don't have a picture yet. I will put one on soon.

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