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  1. Lots of work done last weekend. My brother came down and helped out. -rear diff changed over -new brakes all the way around -e-brakes installed and working - close ratio 5 speed just because I had it. - l20b installed -hardbody bucket seats installed for now untill the bench is rebuilt -cabmounts repaired -master and clutch cyclinders rebuilt -Door locks changed over from the hardbody -hardbody ingnition switch installed -got spark -started dch340 rebulid -much more to do http://imgur.com/a/cpdey6J
  2. The grill for this truck came in pieces. I plastic welded it back together with a low wattage soldering iron and some ABS plumbing pipe. I could sand it down and fill the imperfections but that isn't fitting for this rough little truck. I am going to leave it visible like a battle wound.
  3. I'll keep this in mind. The first link seems quite good.plus they are a based in Vancouver so I wouldn't have to pay duty or as much to mail it to me. They also have other parts I my need to weather seal this truck. Need to get this things running first. Being an HVAC tech this is busy season so time is limited on the truck untill a/c start up is done.
  4. Thanks! The ebay listing doesn't sell to Canada. I guess we try the other link. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
  5. I couldn't find anything on rock auto. Crisis has been averted though, maybe. Last night I emptied every leaf and chunk of junk from the bed of my parts truck. I found a seized up adjuster kicking in the dirt. Soaking at this moment, hopefully i can break it loose. On a side note, what do those rubber covers for the adjuster hole usually go for. I found some on ebay that were 40 buck plus 20 shipping, Ouch! Candian winters wont be too nice with that open hole.
  6. Well WTF! I got my brake parts and went to go throw them into the rear diff. The truck must have had a locked up wheel and the guy I got the trucks from must have pryed the drum off and broke the tab on the back of the adjuster. The other truck has no brake parts on it. Where would one source an adjuster from? Do other models have the same parts that I may be able to pull at a wrecker? Just fun and games constantly!!!!!.
  7. It is my understanding that the 75 long box has a larger gas tank. Does anyone know if it will fit in the 73 short box. It appears that they both mount to the box. Not sure if there is enough room for a longer tank b/w the front of the box the rearend.
  8. Wife is working from home and had meetings all day so I had to stay home and look after the kids. That means I got to work on the datsun. I have a Hardbody parts truck my girls have turned the cab into a clubhouse. They spent the whole day in there hahaha. I got the trucks moved around and pulled a lot of majour parts off of the 75 to use on the 73. I will use this diff because the 73 doesn't have a 3rd in it. Put the kids to bed and went back out and cut the driver floor pan. This the worst side bit all the cab mounts are pooched.
  9. I got the front hardbody bumper modified and mounts built. It is quite a bit wider than a factory bumper so it masked it off at a lower contour and painted the lower portion. Maybe in hopes to make the bumper appear narrower. The truck is legal again, and has factory nissan park lights.
  10. I wasn't digging the chevy bumper fix. There was no elegant way to support the rad mounts, they were just flapping in the wind. I figured i would try and see if I could straighten the factory piece before i did any more with the alternative. Like I said earlier it was a mangled mess. Panel beat the crap out of it and I am very happy I tried. It is amazing what a little labour and time can do. Test fit with the borrowed grill. Gave the front end and inside wheel wells a wirebrush and tremclad paint job. It was a good day.
  11. I got some of the front end pulled apart. There is no factory bumper and nothing left of the grill. The rebar (not sure what to call it) that is behind where the bumper would mount was mangled and pushed back. I got all the spot welds drilled and it pulled off. There was no saving it. there was a chevy squarebody bumper that came in the box. I took a grilI off of my other 620 for fitment.I modified the bumper with a curve to match the profile of the grill. I hand to shorten and angle the endsTo keep everything leagal I have a Nissan hardbody bumer I will modify to fit over this to house the signals seeing as the valence is missing completely This I not a pristine truck, just trying to get her back on the road, but not completely be hacked together either.
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HNRbHnkJtdEKgHMc8
  13. The A87 is definitely and open chamber head. The pistons have valve reliefs and a slight dish but barely. I tried to CC the face with a plexi and syringe. I get around 4 cc's most of that is the reliefs. Both these and the other l16 pistons have Ampco casting. Both measure 3.260 with the micrometer at the skirt. I will try to load pics. What y'all using these days seing as photobucket went to shit.
  14. Turns out the other 73 l16 that had the a87 head on it has flat top pistons in it. I think they are factory because they have a three stamped into the top of them. All came out with no scoring.
  15. Ya, this other L16 would prolly need boring to clean it up after i unstuck it. I will just keep it for a core.
  16. The l20b is in need of rebuild and bore. The l16 is standard and has little wear all around. Just going to deglaze it and throw new rings into it. Once the truck is running and back on the road after 20yrs I can play with other stuff. The other l16 is seized and I connet see the piston tops due to rust. May try and break loose just for curiosity but I will prolly damage something.
  17. I have heard of guys fitxing motor mounts and such with windshield urethane. It may work with a center bearing rubber too but haven't tried yet. The automotive window guys prolly have 1/4 tubes laying the trash can they may give away.
  18. There are really nice cable lubers available that we use for motocycle brake and clutch cables. It basicly seals the lube can hose and forces the lubricant down the sheath. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0012TYX9W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_ja.UEbH8B343R Or you could use the old corner of a plastic bag and elastic band to make a funnel and just leave the cable hanging inverted and let gravity to pull it down. My grandpa used to use kerosene to penetrate and break loose stuck stuff. Once loose he would use normal lube but not wd-40 it attracts dust and grit. Best modern lube I would recommend is motorcycle chain lube as it is designed to run and not attract dirt and grime.
  19. Thanks Mike. The other 75 l20b has a A87 on it also. Haven't opened it up to see if it is open or closed. I figured it was looking to be not a good Idea on the L16.
  20. Well I picked up a spare L16 and a 5speed tranny before winter. Just got around to tearing it down to see what I have to work with. Everything is standard, bores look good and no ring ridge. Ordered new rings and bearings to put into it seeing as it is already apart. Here is a question for you experienced Datsun guys, what head should I get rebuilt to throw onto it? I have a 210 casting head off of this engine and a A87 cast head I tore out of the 73 truck. The A87 is open chamber and it seems it would drop the compression ratio compared to the 210. Being both off of L16s, what's the deal?
  21. Snowed all weekend here. Just a mucky mess really. It sucked because I was trenching gas and electrical to my garage. Worth it in the end.
  22. The needle adjustment shouldn't affect WOT over 4k. Just the makes the transition into the primary circuit sooner, the higher the needle setting. Once that WOT mix is dead on then the needle should be adjusted for a smooth transition and cruising mix. May seem backwards but jet size affects transition richness aswell. Throw a bigger jet in there and see how she runs. I would also like to suggest air temp may be causing the leaner numbers. Cold air is denser and now needs more fuel than hot summer temps.
  23. I would agree with you mike. For the most part the difference is solved with a carb tune. The real problem we found was guys starting their engine and not letting it warm up. Then going for a blast and squeeking a piston. Thread related I would make sure the float is not stuck on the carb for that cylinder. Pull the plug on the bowl and see if fuel flows.
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