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  1. Gonna miss the meet today. I have to work tomorrow and 7:00 is my bed time.
  2. Had a great day with great friends, great cars and great roads. Thanks to Willie for getting us there safely. Now the fun of cleaning this bitch begins.
  3. gonna have a couple of Datsuns crashing the parade this year.
  4. Any one still in town thinking about going?
  5. What is your definition of restore? Will every piece of hardware, rubber, wire and metal be either replated,repainted,repaired or replaced? Parts not inculding running gear will easily total around $16,000. Most people will not go the restore route. Its cheaper and maybe more fun to do an resto mod with an SR20/KA. Spend the money on something else....like maybe a 2L if you must have a roadster.
  6. Yeah, I heard the guy on the right does calanders too.
  7. Had a great time as usual. Thanks Gino and all the Loco's!
  8. I'm going through the pre-flight checklist now.
  9. I kept the stock AM radio and hated the idea of the receiver being in glove box because I didn't want to make holes in that either. I mounted an amp utilizing the stock mounting hole for the factory speaker. I purchased a RCA jack to an-I-PHONE adapter cable and ran it straight to the amp.
  10. I may have to work on Sat, but Rene will represent in the roadster and she's bringing pizza.
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