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  1. OniZ

    OEM 240z keys

    pending sale
  2. OniZ

    OEM 240z keys

    Selling some Z keys brand new and ready for your car. selling these for 20 per key. I only have two even though there are three in the picture. call or text me 714 724 4447 keys are in orange county.
  3. How about I meet you half way, Skib. lol
  4. bump no one wants a Z
  5. It's addicting that's all I can say.
  6. It's official I'm selling my Z, I don't want to but I need the money for other reasons. So this is it, if your local to orange county you've most likely seen it. It is also a regular at CNC, West Covina Meet, and sometimes on Speedhunters. Looking to get 6k, and this is by no means a trailer queen or show car. This Z is meant to be driven and it lets you know. It's still a long way from being finished but it's a great start for someone interested. It has pros and cons like any 40 year old car and I will inform anyone interested in it of these the best I can. Serious offers only and please no tire kickers. Engine: 2600cc aka 260z motor Ported & Polished E88 Head (as big as possible) Rifle Bored Cam (also cam was upgraded by Ruben Cams of Anahiem) Nissan Motorsports Flat Top Pistons Balanced Rods ARP Connecting Rod Bolts Turbo Head Bolts JDM BIG “NISSAN” Valve Cover Triple SK 40mm weber carbs (JDM racing weber) ZCCJDM 40mmx50mm Velocity Stacks Custom Heat Shield for carbs. Taylor Spark Plug Wires Greddy Oil Catch Can (un-installed) Exhaust: Nissan Motorsports 6 into 1 Header 2 1/2 straight exhaust with APEXI N1 Drive train: Aluminum Flywheel Centerforce Clutch 2300lb 83 280zx 5 Speed Transmission R180 Rear Diff Upgrade ( Ratio: 3:54) Electronic Upgrades: Optima Gel Battery Flex-lite Electric Fan MALLORY Electronic Ignition Electronic Distributor Upgrade (not sure of brand) MSD Blaster II Ignition Coil HOLLEY Racing Fuel Pump 95 Nissan Quest 110 amp Alternator Upgrade Suspension: Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings Cut Tokico Linear 280z Springs Tokico HP Struts MSA Front Sway Bar MSA Front Strut Bar MSA Rear Strut Bar Brakes: Cross drilled Solid Rotors 280z Brake Booster 280zx Brake Master (un-installed) Toyota 4-wheel Drive Calipers (4 piston) Wheels: Panasport 14x7 Yokohama Radial 388 215/60/14 Front 225/60/14 Rear Body Mods: BRE Rear Spoiler MSA Fiberglass Type 1 Air Dam w/brake ducts JDM Fairlady Z Fender Mirrors 73 Key less Gas Door ZCCJDM SCCA Tow Hooks
  7. OniZ

    Misc. Z Parts

    Springs-sold But I have a differential available now. Will include mustache bar without bushings make an offer.
  8. OniZ

    Misc. Z Parts

    The shift knob just screws on, it fit well when I bought the car.
  9. OniZ

    Misc. Z Parts

    I have a few parts that need to go nothing big but I'm sure someone can use them. I have two differential mounts one is for the earlier 240z 70-71 and the other fits the later ones as well as the 260 & 280z. Sorry no fronts. Lastly I have a Hurst shift knob (it came with my Z). I'm located in Orange County, CA. Price for the mounts is $30 per or $50 takes them both, and the shift knob is $5. If you don't like the price shoot me a offer if its reasonable I may take it. Everything is little to no mileage on it so the conditions of them are great just the usually dirt and stuff from sitting around. I also have a R200 3.54 ratio for sale as well make me an offer and it's yours. Call or Text me 714 724 4447 or you can message me on here.
  10. OniZ

    Clutch Slave and Master

    Thanks I try the parts store with any luck they'll have it.
  11. OniZ

    Clutch Slave and Master

    I have a friend that just got a 66 411 wagon and his clutch and all is leaking he doesn't know where to get a new one and sadly neither do I. I was thinking Autozone/Kragen, or Tops, does anyone have any suggestions? My Z doesn't go that far back and I know I can go to MSA if I have too. Any help would be appreciated, thanks all.

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