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    59 f100, 87 ford ranger, used to own a 74 620
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  1. Hi guys, I sold my truck like an idiot a while back and i really want to find it again. '74 620. I sold it to a guy and he did some engine work on it but broke the cam shaft while resembling it. I saw it on CL a Month later then it disappeared. It had black fender mirrors on it when i sold it
  2. Okay so this thread is kinda all over the place so i'm sorry haha. But I think I just found a KA24DE that I might be able to afford, and I've seen other KA threads that say to use a 720 tranny so I'll be looking for one soon.
  3. I might consider an L20b if I find one cheap. But will most likely be bringing my l18 back to life.
  4. Yes I have space, time, and I'm able to drive another vehicle for a while. I will have to do a lot more research but i just wanted some basic ideas of what to do
  5. That's money that I don't have. Just looking to modify my current l18 for fun. I was thinking of fabbing my own turbo manifold. But for right now I'll probably just put a cam in it and a bigger carb, maybe stroke it... I don't really know
  6. Need to make Powa with my L18... What's the best way of doing this
  7. okay, well do you have a good idea of what to do to make power in an l18?
  8. Well I kinda want to build my engine... Because racetruck... and I have been told before that it's not worth it to build up an L18...
  9. Joseph_change

    Want an L20

    Anyone Know of any cheap l20s in or around Marysville,WA? I'm looking for something to replace my clapped out l18 in my 74' 620.
  10. Also, i've decided to rebuild a chevy 350 off of craigslist. All new everything.
  11. Hey all, help me out real quick :). My 620 is having a problem. Whenever I shut my truck off after running for a while, my carb floods and I cannot start it up again, its left me stranded twice now. But cclose to home thankfully. It just keeps trying to pump fuel.
  12. What kind of rear end did you use? What did you do with the suspension?
  13. I've been thinking and i think i'm going to try and find a chevy or maybe ford, crate engine and start out with a brand spanking new engine...
  14. Grand nationals were one of the most powerful stock cars in there time, so i've heard haha i bet it was LOUD!
  15. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/4826097511.html Here is a candidate, I've been looking on craigslist, are there any other recommendations of where to look?
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