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  1. Thought a 350 was v-8? And what do you mean a 6 speed? I was talking bout keepin it carbed with a Holley 4bbl. I just want more power for off-roading really. I know I'll have to swap trans and drive shafts and prolly diffs too cause the torque and power of the 350
  2. I've seen a few with 350 in them but none that are 4x4. So I don't know if I'm getting into more than I can chew or not.
  3. I have a 85 Nissan 720 with the z24 carbed motor 4x4. I'm wantin more power without a lot of problems. I've been thinking of a 350 swap but a lot of cutting would have to be done. So I was thinking of the jeep 4.0 inline 6 motor, trans and maybe even axles. Has anyone done this before or have done and have any info on stuff that'll need to be done?
  4. Anyone find ways give some extra horses or tourque to a z24 carb motor?
  5. I'm wanting to lift my truck and have found 3" body lift and a 3" suspension lift. I'm kinda iffy about the suspension cause I've looked every where and only one place online has it and it's $285 which is a cheap lift. I'm already running 31" in mud tires with no lift. My question is has anyone tried or heard anything about the suspension lift? Pros cons? Not good or good?
  6. Alright in the mornings when my 85 720 4x4 with z24 carb is cold when letting of the gas all gears my exhaust sounds like small backfire. Kinda new to all of this. But after it's warmed up there I no problems. But sometimes when I turn the truck off afterwards it diesels but not bad enough to turn it back on and then backfires what could be the problem?
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