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    Hello everyone. its been a while. I just wanted to post an add for new and used datsun parts and some of the cars from 1965 through to 1979. the photos that i took are to large to post so if you are interested please send me an email and i will send you the photos. I have about 3 thousand dollars worth of parts from several starters that are in working condition plus three boxes of 90% new parts. Either send me an email or call me at 250 554-3758 Buyer must arrange pickup


    Kamloops, British Columbia - CA

  2. i have seen these same shims in body shops for fender alignment. even going to a suspension alignment shop you should be able to find these shims. the bolt is an easy fix. its metric and even if you had to go to a newer datsun or Nissan they would be the same.
  3. Ezra

    Motor swap! Advice!?

    I really like that nissan 350. I want one LOL. my 76 620 would go nice with that
  4. Ezra

    is this worth 500.00?

    I would buy it just to get the parts. the cab would be worth the trouble
  5. Ezra

    rear window

    i need a rear window for my 76 620 pickup to
  6. Ezra

    Datsun Parts

    i had a guy give me a whole stack of parts years ago when i was rebuilding my 620. I need to get this stuff cataloged. I'ma datsun freek from years ago. I have a 1967 L521 and a 1976 L620 Pickup.
  7. Is there anyone close to kamloops BC. I have two boxes of brand new 60/70's parts that i would love someone to look at and advise me on. I would love to get this stuff out there to everyone who could use Brand New Parts. NOT USED.
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