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  1. Right on, thanks guys. I’m going to take another look at it. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  2. I actually did not see it run. I just took the guy’s word who sold me the engine. Maybe I got screwed with an engine that’s shot? Id have to do a compression test to really tell, right?
  3. The engine is stock. It came off a 521 since the original engine in my 510 was blown, so I ended up swapping it in. I did add a Weber 32/36 electric choke carburetor. Maybe that might cause the problem? Since I’m not an expert mechanic or anything, the main problem I would think it could be would be timing. The timing marks are slightly different then the ones that were on my original l16, but I doubt that really makes a difference, right?
  4. So I’ve been trying to get my car running, but I can’t seem to get it to fully turn over. It’s a stock l16. Im pretty sure I set up the tdc correctly and followed the 1-3-4-2 firing order, but the engine only does a slow crank. Maybe my timing might actually be off but I can’t tell. If anyone knows any solutions, please reply . I can send videos of how it sounds through email if needed. Thanks.
  5. KenEB

    510 Hose

    Does anyone know the name of this hose and where can I get it for a cheap price? Thanks http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/images/52166a.jpg
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