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  1. 710bandwagon

    Number of 710 wagons left in existence

    yeah, it seems like 99% have disappeared or something. Whats your count on how many you've heard about being left in restore-able condition? Apparently the Nissan museum doesn't even have one from what they told me.
  2. 710bandwagon

    Number of 710 wagons left in existence

    Where is this info located?
  3. 710bandwagon

    Number of 710 wagons left in existence

    Fellow 710-ers, I have been searching for a while to find an accurate-ish number of the amount of 710 wagons left in the U.S. Does anyone on here have any information on this or the number of them that were sold in the U.S.?
  4. Hey Ratsun community, My name is Jordan and I am college student working towards my Mechanical Engineering degree. My passion is designing and re-building cars. I have taken up the opportunity to restore this rare classic 1976 Datsun 710 wagon. It is one of a handful left in the United States in restorable condition (that I know of). I have been slowly working towards saving up enough money to start this project and I've had to unfortunaltely take money out of that account to help pay for my college education. So here I am asking for assistance to help start my dream in the automotive industry with this "simple" restoration project. Ive started a gofundme account to try to draw up some donations to help me get this dream project rolling. I'm not asking for much and every little bit will help to preserve this classic peice of automotive culture. I'll also be printing out the names of anyone who donates and placing the names inside the car so that I can be thankful for those who helped my dream. The link to my account is: XXXXXXXXXXX Thank you in advance, and if you cant donate, even sharing this will help. Sincerely, Jordan R.
  5. 710bandwagon

    710 5 lug conversion

    Okay, great! thank you!
  6. 710bandwagon

    710 5 lug conversion

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone on here has done a 5 lug swap on their Datsun 710. I want to use the S14 front spindles and hubs bu I am not sure if they will fit. And if not, I was wondering if anyone on here knows which ones will fit? I want to go with the standard Japanese 5 lug bolt pattern of 5x114.3 I am also swapping out my rear axle for something alot beefier, but 5 lug swapping a rear axle is a little more straight forward than trying to match up new front spindles to old suspension arms.
  7. 710bandwagon

    New 710 wagon owner

    Previous owner warped the head, then got it honed back straight. When he re-installed it, he messed with the valve timing and screwed it up (which is why the valves hit the cylinder and got bent). And there's a hairline fracture where the head was tightened down too much after re-installing it. I guess it was fragile after being heated so much and warping it.
  8. 710bandwagon

    New 710 wagon owner

    Sweet! same yellow and everything! I'm in the middle of ripping out the engine cause its got a cracked head and bent valves and a cracked cylinder. Gonna drop in a KA24 with a 5 speed. and upgrade the whole drivetrain.
  9. 710bandwagon

    New 710 wagon owner

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/96974033@N04/14100450786/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/96974033@N04/13936960589/
  10. 710bandwagon

    New 710 wagon owner

    Hey guys and gals, I just bought a 1976 710 wagon and its going to be a bit of a project getting it up and running this summer. I'm also going to need a little help from the ratsun community. I have some parts and trim pieces that I need to replace but so far I havent had much luck finding the parts. Does anyone know of a place that still supplies trim pieces or even some body pannels?

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