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  1. Luckily it was the dizzy side. Got it fixed and running again thank god. Unfortunately now the motor seems like it's on its last leg. Smoking like a bitch and some terrible rattle on deceleration.
  2. So shitty end to my day! Snapped the drive rod from the oil pump to the distributor. :(
  3. I was gentle. Still had that in the back of my mind. Worse case scenario was that it got stuck and I had to pull the head anyway,or possibly just put the L20b I have in it ahead of schedule.
  4. Thanks guys :) the hood being painted was long overdue. I almost shit when that bolt just spun, thank god for the quick thinking of my soon to be father-in-law!
  5. So, shit, found one of my massive leaks... front left head bolt was stripped completely. solution... Yes, thats a tap welded to a very long 1/4" extension. worked like a charm.. after many hours of cleaning up threads, parts wash, compressed air, and tiny magnetic extensions, torqued her down to spec! the next day, I painted my hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also reassembled my parts trucj cause i was bored.
  6. Hahahaha. Hood is on this weekends to do list, along with trans output seal, drain and fill, and maybe a head gasket. I gave to luv to a buddy to rebuild with his kid. Way way way way way to much work for my taste.
  7. Here is how it sits after everything settled a bit finally scored an early grill! its in great shape and I love it! on a side note, I got this poor thing for free
  8. I think it's the angle of the pic cause I noticed that too. But it looks centered in person
  9. the company I work for decided to block ratsun from the network!!!!!!!!!!!!1 so i am a little behind on my posts.. I have gotten a few small things done, installed my electronic distributor and blaster coil new rubber!
  10. Gotta get it painted up and looking pretty by May because I'm doing my engagement photos and want to take some with it!
  11. I am going to paint it sometime in the not so distant future. I was thinking of a darker grey or possibly flat black (the right way, not rattle can).
  12. Got off my lazy ass yesterdays and finally did some much needed work. Fixed my choke, apparently I had been running with the choke on the whole time. No power to it.... fixed that shit, not it runs WAY better! I had previously installed, (if you can call it that) an electric fuel pump and regulator the quick and incorrect way. So I took the time to do it the right way. [/url] Victory beer!
  13. I put a cheapo O'reilly T-stat in it and I think that's the problem. Just ordered a factory one, tired of F###ing around
  14. I've been slacking... :yawn: Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I'm going to be doing a bunch of prep work on the whole truck to get it ready for paint. Hopefully... got some minor engine issues to get worked for now. Some BS intermittent overheating problem :poop:
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