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  1. VE in 2007 bro...lol ITB’s 2007... lmao.
  2. I can’t get the faces out of the barrels. I’ve used a mallet to no avail. Also, I’m afraid if I get them out, I won’t be able to put them back in the barrels. Anything would help at this point. Thanks!
  3. Yea yea I know...it's why come to this site, all the abuse.
  4. First the CA18DET was early 2000's anyone that was going to JCCS when it was worth a shit remembers the green CA 1200. so suck a dick on that. Second, my blue Datsun sedan which is known even in Japan in 2008 was the first of it kind in the US, itbs, stand alone to boot, and all you bone heads know my old 510 that I built. Haha actually I don't give a shit what noobs think Everyone shit their pants when I dropped my first SR20VE vids. Anyway love all you guy and girls, good to be back.
  5. Ya you all drooled over my old SR20VE ITB'd Sedan I built. (First VE in U.S. and first 1200 with a CA18DET in U.S.) Hahaha....Okay thanks wayno for reminding me of my own damn user name. It's been a while. Also, I didn't say I was famous here. :) Mods please delete.
  6. Would love to go down to TJ but I need someone in LA that does good work, that's not cheap but fair priced.
  7. Anyone have recommendations for upholstery in Los Angeles? I need my vinyl, carpet, headliner installed. Thank in advance!
  8. http://www.wheel.co.jp/products/oplist02.php?n=165 So basically XXR one of the kings of knock off wheels are reproducing fakes of all the Japanese classic wheels out there. There's a site that talks about all the new wheels being copied. I'm annoyed because I own a pair of Focus Racing rims that are pretty rare and now everyone and their mother can have a set of pretty good looking fakes. ​Now I have to troll Yahoo auctions to find something else. I currently have Longchamps on the 510 but in the last year or so, hordes of people have been putting them on their 510's, so time to move on haha. I guess I'm kind of a wheel snob. Such is life. Cheers...
  9. Is nothing sacred anymore!? Bought a set of Focus Racing last year and was waiting to re barrel them but could decide on the 510 or the 1200... I'm so sick of knock offs made in China... Here's the link, but...it won't work. Check it out. I'm talking about focus racing rims and also star sharks. They're made by XXR
  10. Remko_3@instagram....Remko_3GT-R
  11. False alarm, it's safe and sound phew....
  12. I hope you didn't see my car on Sepulveda today, or yesterday seeing how I'm out of town right now. My neighbor is checking the garage as we speak.
  13. Back on the road again. Big thanks to Alley Cat Garage for working out the wiring issue, the SR20 is running a lot smoother. Next on the list: Install minty OEM dash pad Install SSS black rear seat on it's way from Japan Sound deadening Install carpet kit Headliner/refurb all interior vinyl Send out the head Purchase cams, rockers, etc.. Full stainless exhaust header back
  14. Time to sell the Longchamps, and put on the 14x8 0 Focus Racing. I'll let you guys know how that goes with a pic to come!
  15. I'm trying to register my car which is due August 8th, but for some reason the DMV says my car isn't eligible... 2012 VW TDI Anyone?
  16. My buddy is selling these super hard to get Pit-Road struts for a Datsun 1200. He's located in the San Francisco. Don't know how to make it a hyper link. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/pts/5678722872.html
  17. I'm sure which Ratsun they're talking about, doesn't matter to me because Ratsun will always be my Datto site. It was on FB Datsuns parts and needs and Z's, I say Z's because it really should be called Z parts and needs. I do like the mods there, but some of the people on the forum or whatever... are Dbags. Just saying.
  18. Glad this went to another good owner, seems like everyone that's owned this POS is a stand up guy. LMAO.
  19. I'm not saying that he's saying it's a GT-R, what I'm saying is that it's over priced. "It's not even a GT-R" no where in my reply did I state that he said it was a GT-R. Thank you, please drive thru.
  20. Haha just on a forum, and I'm trolling this guy, and he says to me..."you must be from Ratsun"? I said yup, I am. Suck it. So tell everyone your bash Ratsun story. Hahaha... Ratsun forever!
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