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    Greetings. I've this '71 510 since November, just been driving / enjoying it and keeping up with regular maintenance and seeing to issues as they inevitably come up. Slowly I'm making a list of things I'd like to do when the car comes off the road this fall and in the future. If anyone in the Vancouver area likes to cruise, it would be great to see some local 510s or other dattos! Engine: l20b Bored to 2.2 Colt cam 40mm webers a bunch of other period go fast bits resulting in a satisfying l20b package 280z 5spd ect. ect. Suspension: Cut 510 struts KYB gas inserts all around new bushings fat sway bar up front Coming in the near future: engine bay wire tuck new wheels front coil overs on 280zx struts new rear lowering springs new 2 1/4 exhaust lightweight flywheel clutch interior bumpers the list goes on and on Cheers! also apologies for the mammoth image attachments, its a work in progress

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