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  1. put the old sender and gauge back in and it reads same as it always used to(20-25idle and 55-60 goin down road) so i hope it will last me enough miles to atleast wear the new tires i put on a month back. thanks for all the help and suggestions yall.
  2. took the valve cover off this morning and that is for sure where the chunk of aluminum came from, it was the little rib on the front of the cover near the fuel pump arm,(probly from changing the pump 3-4 times last year before i finally got a good one, and hit it somehow with the arm). anyway bolted the crossmember and idler arm back up and filled it with water so i could drive it out the road and see what happens, once i rolled it off the tall ramps i had it pulled on to work on the oil level was fairly low vs the slightly over full it was while on the ramps. so topped it off and put the wate
  3. its only got 7k miles on it but its been 3-4yrs since the rebuild, he aint gonna touch it with out me breaking out the check book again.
  4. wish i had of took some pics when had front cover off, but i remember thinking to myself that my block only had 2 holes there where yours had 3 in the pic so maybe the plug was still there. i really hate to put much more money in the truck, the body is rotted and falling apart and not worth it.
  5. its slightly curved but not part of a piston, has black paint on both sides of it
  6. didnt see nothing else missing or loose inside the engine, this morning i was emptying my drain pain and putting up tools before it rains and did find a sliver of aluminum in the catch pan about 3/4in long and 1/4in wide maybe, i dont know where that would have come from but could be something to do with it i guess but wouldnt think it would be from nothing that important? what all is aluminum on these engines though? the timing cover and valve cover is about all thats coming to mind. havent had the valve cover off but the timing cover didnt look to be broke anywhere. below are 2 link
  7. tube is nice and clear with fresh gasket
  8. put it back together this morning and put the oil in and left the coolant out just to crank it and make sure was gonna have oil pressure, let it run about 45sec and only got around 18-20psi. i dont know what in the heck is wrong with it. about ready to take it to the crusher.
  9. ok got the cover off and didnt see nothing wrong gasket wise no broke spots or signs of leakeage. but the timing chain tensioner bolts had backed loose, one was pretty much all the way out and the other was loose. it looks like it bolts over a oil hole so im hoping with it loose and not sealing the oil was leaking around it and loosing pressure and this is my problem. would everybody agree? and mine doesnt seem to have the oil jet above the crank sprocket, there is a little brass looking pin there but it doesnt stick out past the block any. is that right or is something about that wrong? i
  10. neither do i but i am running out of ideas here, told it could be the timing cover gasket to, but i cant see it just blowing out after 7k miles, but got to look for something
  11. finally getting around to working on the 720, so far i have determined the bearings are still well within spec and no damage, and the oil pickup was nice and tight still and gasket wasnt broke or nothing. guess its on to the timing cover now and see if see anything wrong there.
  12. guess i will be pulling front cover and checking that out. is the oil jet your talking about the dowel looking thing in middle of chain just above crank? looks like a tiny hole in it for oil to squirt out.
  13. the gauge is new and has been checked on my tractor to verify that it reads the same as the gauge installed on the tractor and it does where would a internal leak most likely be and how would i find it?
  14. got the oil pump on this morning, getting about 18psi at idle and about 30 going down the road at 55mph can get it up to 35 if in 4th gear and around 3300rpm. this is still low isnt it? it used to be between 45-60 going down the road, but that was with old gauge and sender that i never was sure if was working right, but i guess it was because it showed about the same as the mechanical i have in now before i changed the pump. anything else yall know to check other than bearing clearances? the was on the tight end of specs when i put it together i just cant see them being wore out after 7k m
  15. pedal and slave have free play and there is not movement in the crankshaft pulley. high volume oil pump will be here tues so wed morning ill get it on and see if thats the problem.
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