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  1. they are much more comfortable than i thought. so glad i got them
  2. its a mopar trans cooler lol, but works great as an oil cooler
  3. finally got to take and edit some rainy day pics. here is 1 DSC05487_1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr
  4. for anyone wondering, the way schroth harnesses mount is on the stock seatbelt points, within reason of course. so mine are mounted properly. https://www.schrothracing.com/docs/Rallye_3_&_4_Instructions.pdf
  5. might re-paint again, not sure, who knows. just did harnesses and not much else besides some tidying up of electrical
  6. the z is now back as a daily for me. ive added harnesses, touched up engine bay paint, better radio, and painted painted my rear wats and whale tail IMG_20170419_165006 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr this was shot on portra 400 img027_1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr img024_1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr img023_1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr back to sony A6000 picturesDSC05491_1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr DSC05487_1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr IMG_20170415_163154 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr
  7. hanging out with some friends and holy shit, one of our friends brought over a Diablo, we were all in shock... DSC06033 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC06031 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC06030 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC06025 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC06024 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC06003 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr
  8. thats a wonderful plan not enough people do. i dailied mine for a year nd a half with no locks, just took my steering wheel and shifter with me everywhere i went lol
  9. Rainy dayz make for the best pictures DSC04936 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr
  10. wow that is clean! welcome! what is the goals?
  11. when you are an hour from home, swap a 72 z headlight stalk into a 78z at midnight and guess what wire goes where and still have to ride your brakes home. i made it safely without getting pulled over... :frantics:
  12. bought a new daily, already turned into a project haha DSC04927 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr as for the z, well besides mocking up my new twice pipes its ready for the season. new thermostat and gasket, koyo rad is amazing, and i've been starting it up whenever i go home and been starting up like a charm each time! heres a bunch of artsy pics i took a few ago DSC04736 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC04731 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC04720 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC04719 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC04703 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC04689 by Evan Serilla, on FlickrDSC04678 by Evan Serilla
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