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    NapZ motor, just rebuilt the head. New tires, brakes, clutch, fairly straight body with original yellow paint. ST dash trim, power steering, power brakes and tilt. Slider back window and console. Just put a fancy 30 dollar seat cover on it! Has rust but a good looking truck. Runs good but needs carb work. Fees paid, just needs to be smogged. I have too many projects so this one's got to go.


    Temple City, California - US

  2. maybe you have already resolved this by now but I would be checking vacuum hoses for either broken or misrouted (is that even a word?) vacuum lines.
  3. I know this is a very old thread but figured I'll ask anyway. I bought an 84 720 with a blown head gasket. It cranked over like a blown head gasket would but I didn't even think that it actually blew about two years ago and the owner just parked it. Took it apart and of course there's rust in the back two holes. I can't afford to get too far into this job money wise and i think I can get most of the rust to clean. I know it's the hokey way but right now it's about all I can do. I may end up with a bit of rough spot when I'm done but I think it might fly. Any thoughts?
  4. Its always an adventure I swear! (Little Wreck!) Ill let you know how everything works out. It was a roach when I got it and now it's at least graduated to mouse turds!
  5. Ok good I ordered the right coil at least. The cap rotor plugs and wires are probably 3 years old. I replaced when I put the matchbox in. I remember it being from a 310 now that you mention it Mike. I'll check everything tomorrow but the coil I've never replaced and it looks like it went down with the titanic. The plugs, now that's interesting. I don't remember what they are but I'll check them out. I'm a hot rod guy and seen and done just about every combination of engine and trans into every kind of car or truck. This goddamn little truck kicks my ass!
  6. At normal idle it purrs like a kitten. It doesn't give me issues unless I got my foot in it or I'm on the freeway.
  7. It starts to misfire at like 4000 4500. Like 60 on the freeway. I'm going to put a coil in, in the morning. I have one coming that I ordered for a 79 which is what I think the distributor was from.
  8. Ok I pulled the numbers off the distributor. They are D4K9 120204 and below that is 22100 H9701.
  9. L16 with electronic matchbox distributor from 79 if I remember correctly. Ran it at high idle, sprayed the carb with carb spray and it didn't smooth out so it's not running lean.
  10. Hey guys I got a question. I have a miss at high idle and it's not running lean. I think the coil is giving up. I used a small block chevy points coil I have thats new but it runs even worse! Anybody got any clues?
  11. I've done plenty of early GM and Ford stuff just not the imports. I think at this point it's going to wait. The truck isn't apart and as much as I'd like to I can't spend any more money on it right now. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated.
  12. Nahh no donor frame. I'll try and see what I can do. Nan what a pain in the ads this little truck is!
  13. See I got the complete changeover from a 79 minus the radius arms and already rebuilt everything. Klotz makes good stuff. I gotta see how much of this I can use before I bury myself first!
  14. Ahh very interesting. Anybody need to buy some rebuilt uppers?? Hahhh...ok that's very helpful information.
  15. So 79 620 uppers won't work on the 73??
  16. Hey guys. I accidentally posted this in suspension too sorry! So I got a complete disc brake set up for my 73 which is great but I just noticed my strut rods are threaded on both ends. The 79 lower control arms bolt to the strut rods using two nuts and bolts. Anybody know if the strut arms for the 79 will work on my 73? Is the 720 stuff the same? Any help is much appreciated...
  17. I'm trying to post pictures not sure if it's working...
  18. And I still adjust in either direction I forgot to mention....
  19. The timing is actually past the marks where it runs best. I probably have an advance issue. Or retard issue depending how you look at it..I'll disconnect both and see how it does and where it ends up at timing wise. I'll try and post a picture from the home computer this evening.
  20. No clue where it's at because it won't get out of its own way if I set it to spec. It's a 80 310 according to Google. I can just eliminate the vacuum altogether but would like to TRY and make it right? Hahh...
  21. It's part number 22100 H9701. Almighty Google says it's from an 80 310. Where I have the timing set now it's cutting out on the freeway like a misfire but only at higher rpm's....
  22. Ok stupid question. I put a D4K distributor in my 73 620 with the stock stock L16 and it runs good but not 100%. Problem is I have no idea if I have the advances hooked up right. I hear one is for advance and one is retard and one takes ported vacuum and the other manifold and shit I dunno which is which. And as good as it runs it's not quite right. Any help would be MUCH appreciated thanks...
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