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  1. starrflower33

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    This is so funny following omg Jrock & Dora enjoy your build can't wait to see it completed and on the road.. Getter done... :-)
  2. starrflower33

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    Thanks ..
  3. starrflower33

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    Like figuring out how to post in the right place lol I was trying to quote a guy talking shit about me and got tired of reading it so posted and it didn't put my post where I was responding ok so I'm a Newby to posting so what.. it's in this thread only took me 3 hours to find where my post went and where it got posted lmfao oh well I'm over it..
  4. starrflower33

    2015 CANBY TRUCK

    Hello, Ok look I really could care less what you all think at this point but I am gonna say a few thing and be done with this.. 1. I did not ask to run for president.. Dave Bothwell asked me to run... 2. Loren gave the cards to AL and said he was running stuff.. I was told (not by loren or Al) help get more vendors and ect. Would help keep patrons there longer to make it exciting for them to make our car show have more to offer, more non members to come to our events and want to be members..... Key word GROW EXSPAND.. 3. I DID NOT KNOW IT WAS LIVE FEED AT ALL.. Not like I see AL on a regular basis hadn't seen him since the cards were given and I had no other way to contact them was trying to figure out why I wasn't told that and the cards not handed back to me.. I did not know even who Al was just a guy in charge of stuff, "Loren said" so when a person is trying to help because you were asked to help and get it lined out and not just this with Al but other thing also didn't happen or show up ya stand there going so "NOTHING" I had arrange happen because they were to busy to tell me that.. humm I would have had some cool things there for us ALL.. guess it didn't matter so why did I try.. All I wanted to do was help because Dave Bothwell asked me too 4. Yes I have read all that's been said about me on here and I don't care because I had good cause and I know the complete reason why I was upset and yes it was the last straw that day couldn't believe it and I'm not going into bs detail just know I heald my head high at Canby and donated my time to helping at the gate and the dinner ect. ect. an amazing group Datsun Northwest and to all who helped ,Datslocos and ratsun peeps out there that helped with the truck build You all deserve a standing ovation.. 5. Somebody pull your head out of your..ummhum.. and get with this President being nominated .. And get serious I never wanted to be prez but So God as my witness im not gonna let Canby go away.. are you kinding its a blast... but if somebody doesn't stand up and do it then if I have to, to keep having a Canby show then your dam right I will.... P.s. WHY BECAUSE DATSUN.... THAT IS ALL..

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