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  1. Messed around with a few small things lately, got my fuel gauge working (gauge was hooked up to the old pump leads instead of the sending unit by a previous owner haha) fixed the trans crossmember and cleaned up the engine bay some A nicer picture of how it sits atm. I really need to get that dam and skirts ordered Biggest issue at the moment is a fairly bad trans leak. Messed around with some cooler lines that didnt end up being the problem but while under the car noticed the trans dipstick has been cut off and the uncapped tube left about 4" l
  2. Nice! Don't think I've seen that one before actually
  3. The picture I promised! Before anyone bashes it too hard the white was pretty rough, door guards were falling off and taking paint with them, and when we pulled the fenders a good amount cracked so said screw it and gave it a quick driveway paintjob for this summer, may give it a proper one this winter. Need to grab an air dam and skirts soon so it actually looks as low as it is, frame rails are around 2" off the ground now
  4. Been very busy at work so havent been able to update this much. Fixed some small wiring issues and threw some 10k springs in the rear, still feels like I could go heavier so may have to order a set of swifts here soon. The big news was finally grabbed some wheels! 15x9 -15 with 205/50s up front with a small spacer and 15x10 -36 225/50s on the rear. Fenders needed a good roll, upper inner lip flattened in the rear, and a bit of a pull to make everything fit nicely. Will grab some pictures tomorrow of the whe
  5. The newest semi complete toy is here!  It's a 1982 280zx turbo that somewhere along the line had an all aluminum 6.0 lsx engine swapped in, it's fairly stock but has a build 4l60e behind it.  The interior was originally red but the previous owner went through and swapped everything out for black and put a set of rx8 seats in, surprisingly doesn't look too bad! Suspension wise its had s13 coilovers swapped on so the car is sitting as high as itll go in these pictures. Initial plans are to finish up some small nitpicky
  6. I thought the same thing but switching the 620 mounts side to side just made it lean crazy the other way haha. Going to try fabing something up using the other random mounts I have once I get an angle meter on the transmission shift plate and see how close i am.
  7. Decided to try a test fit tonight with a combo of random mounts I had laying around. Heard that stock 620 mounts work but they ended up put the engine at a crazy angle, at the moment have one 620 and one stock ca18 mount and the engine seems to be close. Going to throw the trans on in the next few days so I can measure my angles at the output and shifter plate to dial it in closer and possibly make some modifications to the mounts I have. Now can go about running some brake lines finally and mounting my last few brake pieces
  8. Got to work cleaning up the CA18 and it needed a little more work then was initially let on. Ran a compression test and number 3 & 4 cylinders were pretty low (60 and 80psi) while the first two were totally fine, added oil to the low cylinders and the both shot up to match the others which points to rings. Tore it all apart and cylinders/pistons look fine thankfully. Decided to check the bearings while i was already into it, turns out the center main journal on the crank picked up debris at one point and had a nasty groove all the way around, thankfully only needed .10 taken off to s
  9. Well the project has taken another turn, had a fella interested in buying the engine for the last while and finally came to an agreement. He traded me a complete Ca18det.... and a 1970 240z for it haha. Tore the carbs apart and sanded the points and it fired right up. Has all new brakes, s13 suspension, and some nice Watanabe copies in 15x9-20 and 15x10-20. Needs floors and a patch on the rail but all in all it's not too bad! Need to get it into the garage or garage tarp here soon and start some work
  10. Just some high temp engine paint I had left over, nothing too special
  11. Shes finally back on the ground! Going to push her out of the garage and give the floor a good sweep for the first time in a year and a half haha.
  12. Got the master and a few other odds and ends thrown in the bay, still waiting on my crossmember so i can get the engine in the bay and figure out where im going to run brake and fuel lines.
  13. Finally got back into the car a few weeks ago, finished up the bay and finally sprayed some color! Borrowed a big 5hp compressor from work and spent the weekend laying down some epoxy primer, color, then a number of coats of clear. After the first couple primer coats Finally some color! Went with Subaru Hyper Blue, hard to get a good picture of it here but it's the lighter non metallic blue they have on the BRZ and a few others Might eventually do the entire car in it, but we'll see. Started cleaning up some of the underhood odds and
  14. Hey everyone, got a 71 1200 from a buddy but my steering box is totally done. It was installed wrong at one point and would only turn to the left (nascar jokes aside) took it apart and reset the worm gear into the box and fixed that issue but another has come to light. I have between a quarter to a half turn of play in this old thing. Box is adjusted as tight as it'll go but even while installing the column back into it could tell there was a ton of play. Checked all my steering components and they're tight all the play is coming straight from the box/worm gear. After
  15. Well high side she's good too! Not much room so definitely not getting the kelford cams I wanted with these pistons, maybe that's something I'll fix in the future if a cheap SR block pops up that I can throw some ridiculous sleeves in and some reliefed VE pistons. Worked some more at skim coating the engine bay and could possibly be shooting primer in the near future, don't want to do that too soon though. Also played around with another project for most of today A Rb20 inline 6 in a 1990 240sx, previous owner had broke 3 exhaust studs off trying to take off the manifold an
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