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  1. Here are a few pictures. We had to make body mounts. The kids welding is coming along. More time and effort has been spent on practice vs truck progress. The kid also drew these up in Autodesk, Grandpa was able to get the metal water jetted before he retired. Also scored a set of 5 37's on steel beadlocks from a good buddy of mine in the Toyota off road group. The front body mounts were so close yet so far away. Half an inch may as well be 2 feet so off they came. We are waiting on some materials fr
  2. When is the BBQ? Will it be at the same place?
  3. It was great talking with you to Charlie, we learned a lot down there chatting with everyone. The people were all so nice.
  4. Yes those things Charlie. PM inbound
  5. We are missing the two metal strips that mount the instrument panel in the dash. Sadly the local yards don't have any 521's. Any suggestions on where to find them on the internetz or another model that would be close enough to look for in local yards?
  6. We are gonna have to look into buckets most likely. The rear case shifter is another 7 inches back or so.
  7. At some point someone had bugger welded some bucket seat brackets to the floor. So they had to go. The stock bench went in and the front case shifter clears. The rear case will require either going to buckets or some trick twinstick engineering. The super cool purple and orange vinyl is hard to beat. The steering shaft lined up fairly good. The axle centerline is 3" forward of the wheelwell center.
  8. They'd be great on my sons build.
  9. Got the input shafts swapped today. Then we stabbed the dual cases in and got the cross member installed. Since the sun was still up we cut the fire wall and trans tunnel open to move the cab forward. Finally we mounted the steering box. Looks like we have a country mile for a radiator and fans now.
  10. The 22r is an early tall deck one, we are gonna do a full rebuild on it. I thought the trick was the smaller chamber 20r head on the early 22r for higher compression and some HP. I been wrong before. We were already planning on electric fans for better slow speed high rpm trail rides. Just looking at the front end I can't imagine there's room for pusher fan/s. If someone has done it please point us in the direction. The Civic Rad is a good tip, that should be easy to find in a junkyard.
  11. Note the different spline profiles Front case Rear case
  12. Just a quick status update. Found out that the rear case being from an early round headlight truck has a slightly different spline profile. The guy at trail-gear said to just swap it with the forward case and all will be fine. So now we have two cases to completely tear down and rebuild.
  13. With the EGR delete plate on the back of the head we got the engine in the frame. We will have to cut to get the cab back forward so the front axle isn't outrunning the rest of the truck. The weekends progress was hampered a bit by a bit of a gap. The input bearing for the rear case is 0.010 bigger than the dual case adapters machined opening. I am gonna have to call trail-gear tomorrow.
  14. As the the first post shows, all we got was the cab and bed hence why I was asking if anyone had a junk 521 radiator that we could use just as a mock up component.
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