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    Looking for a straight radiator support bracket for a ‘72 510. Mine has seen better days.


  2. It’s not raining! A couple questions from a Canby virgin: When is a good time to get there Saturday morning to see the show? If I’m driving a Datsun, but not in the show, is there a good place to park, or just the main parking lot? Can’t wait to get there!
  3. Let me try again with pictures :thumbup: 4-door 510s have chrome trim going all the way along the bottom of the windows: 2 door 510s have chrome trim just along the door: Question is: what are people using to put chrome trim here?: Thank you!
  4. I'm wondering what people have done for 2-door 1/4 window lower trim? 4-door 510s have the chrome trim at the top of each door but most 2-doors (Not Coupes) I've seen, still have the trim above the doors but not along the lower part of the 1/4 window. Anyone have any ideas of what to use here? I don't think I would want to cut up a 4-door's back door trim ... Thanks!
  5. Thanks Steven! I have been looking for a single/dual side-draft manifold and carb/carbs for an L4, if anyone was thinking about bringing parts. -Kamran
  6. Hi steve I was going to swing by your November monthly meeting on the 19th, and just wanted to make sure all the info in previous posts, as far as dates and times, still apply? Thanks can't wait to meet DNW!
  7. The linkage looks like this: The DGV throttle arm/lever looks like this: End of cable mounts to one one those holes.
  8. I've got a 32/36 installed in my 510 with an aftermarket pedal and cable set up. The cable works fine but I would like to switch over to use the factory linkage. My question is: what are people using for throttle levers? I don't see anything that weber makes that would work so I'm guessing custom or using the lever from a stock hitachi unit? Here is a screen shot from a video of a gentleman who appears to have the same setup: Part number 33 is the lever from the Hitachi Carb Below
  9. My valve cover has the small breather/filter attached to the breather tube. I was thinking about removing the tube but leave the small breather/filter attached to the valve cover where the elbow connecting tube threads in. Maybe thread a small straight pipe fitting in that spot and attach the breather/filter to that? Should work the same as with the elbow in place right?
  10. I think I will do that and have the two pieces powder coated separately. Does anyone know if there will be a problem with changing the direction the tube is facing? The more I've looked, the "NISSAN OHC" badged valve covers (the one I'm using) seem to all have the breather pointing the same direction, towards the passenger seat... Also has anyone seen the breather tube removed completely and a filter installed directly to the top of the valve cover?
  11. So it's a twist not a pull to to remove it? Does anyone know what glue to use?
  12. Does Jrock have the answers or am I in for a berating? :geek:
  13. I'm going to get a valve cover powder coated and I was wondering about the discrepancy I've seen in the direction L-series breather tubes are pointing. My question is; is the direction adjustable? ( It's now pointing towards the back passenger side of the car and I would like it pointing towards the carburetor) Also what is the material used when fitting the breather in place?
  14. I had a similar issue for a while (engine revved fine in idle but not under load). I kept messing with the fuel delivery/Carb (DGAV) but it ended up being an electrical/charging issue. I rewired and swapped my externaly regulated alternator with a higher amp internally regulated unit and it's pulling hard now. New Plugs/Wires helped a little too.
  15. That looks great! I like the gold washers and acorns too!
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