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    DAT life DOE, wide wheels, ass so phat gotta get a lap dance.
  1. I'm so pissed about using IPhone to reply, my beautiful thread with my forgotten email and password nooooooo! Fancy Schmancy When I went golfing like a BO$$. Flarsh my garsh Also hammering corners on 165/45 *cu cough cough* sucks, remember stance SUCKS.
  2. then I was all like... Y U SO LOW!? NO DAILY. When DA fuzz roll up on me I tell 'EM like it izzzz D A W G, street rules bitch I don't give a fuck D A W G. Also cleaned engine bay up more. http://s1036.photobucket.com/user/unknown910known/media/08C665AF-C5AC-48DC-9869-C8DB049F707D_zpsh9dus8bo.jpg.html"]
  3. Those sway bars are BUCK NASTY. Derek we should try to retro fit a 32mm Largus sway bar to my Cream Whoreror and a 26mm out back!!! Smh damn Apple products with lacking multi quote response! Beck Arnley fuel injectors are OE rebox'd and have pre-cut perfect length hoses, so are ones from the dealer! If you're near AZ Parts Authority (previously BAP) sells 810/910 parts for a good price. I paid $60 for my Nissan injectors! lol sway bar

    74 620 V8 AutoX

    Sooooo yeah total fan boy now for your truck. Really amazing work I love that you took it to another level and personalised it to the exact spec you want.

    Project Datstang

    So tough. Love the exhaust!!!

    74 620 V8 AutoX

    Those 4 spokes are
  7. Almost forgot about my grey interior swap. //__//-oo------------\\__\\ Short term things to tie it all together: •Dual functionality DTR x turn signals (DTRs will function as turn signals as well as DTR same with turn signals) •Wire in ultra JDM seizure inducing strobes •quad dual air horns (8) @CaptainGamez yo' ass is helping me make this shit sound like Twilight Zone theme. •Custom front and rear racing jackets (light/panel cover) Long term goal •Work Equip 02s 15x11.5 -40s all around with 205/50s •240ZG XL flares •Kinda feeling a crazy bosozoku Gloria 430 lip
  8. I haven't done any BO$$ engine swap but since I last posted. . . BLAST PIPES zoooomfg cool kid status -Lower- omfg even cooler Melted bicycle tyres to my wheels then wrapped them in electrical tape then melted that for that gangster stretch look. Booty booty booty booty booty -OLD- 195/50/15 Nika AV340 (V-rubber co product, L E A K Y) ^note old rears wide fit AF 195/50s GROSS!^ -NEW- 165/45/15 on a 9, zero air problems! When I went to my new set up about a week ago Yuuupppp

    s13 suspension conversion...

    I am down! Oh FYI anyone wondering OE casings accept "45mm" catridge units, they're actually 40.5/41mm with slight play. I have some JIC Magic golds (specially FLTA2s, IIRC) I yanked apart dial caliper'd them at approx 45mm and they did not fit the stock casings. Some Corolla guys were using JIC silvers as parts and I guess JIC silvers (really old ones) used TRD green inserts which are basically the same spec as a stock AE92 GTS, same with the shorter Tokico HTS inserts. Our stock 910/Maxima measured in at 40.67 (with grime on them). Also you should be able to get coilover sleeves for super cheap in AZ I got mine for $15 off the local CL!
  10. _UNKNOWN

    83 Bluebird SSS Hardtop project*

    Most motivational and bad ass 910 resto I've ever seen <3
  11. _UNKNOWN

    Slammed Datsun Pic Thread

    @Tristan your rare roof spoiler yeah??? Haha how tehhhh fuxxx is Aaron L's wagon not anywhere to be seen on Ratsun.
  12. _UNKNOWN

    Slammed Datsun Pic Thread

    I'll just shame myself back to ClubFAG and into a Corolla :(''' Tristan always fixing my chassis code mistakes lol
  13. _UNKNOWN

    Slammed Datsun Pic Thread

    Stance cars are gay so is lowering them. Don't lower your Datsun they said, Go really fast around the corner they said. BLAT BLAT BLAT. DAT life DOE yo! NINE-TENS!!! JDM version of my back up car!!! This 5Dime is pretty raw S130 project can't wait to see the rears done up! Mmmmmm this 410
  14. _UNKNOWN

    s13 suspension conversion...

    That is insanely awesome information to know. I knew someone who made a rear set of Corolla coil overs utilizing split collars and everyone thought it was sketchy, including me. 6,000lbs is insane weight bearing for a split collar would've never thought that was possible even me with my poor welding skills could lay some MIG tacks down and make sure it NEVER moves. For years I always did the weld on collar method and paid someone due to my welds SUCK, and I can't afford a welder unit. I'll be doing this once I sell my 510 BMC/acquire funds, I have a bunch of spare coil over parts laying around including adjustable inserts, metal slim profile top hats, etc so hopefully they will fit the OE casings (assuming they're 45mm OD) and eliminate the need for a bunch of cutting/welding swapping knuckles to stub mounts or spending hundreds fitting Y33 arms, brakes and custom drilled 4 lug hubs. Sorry OP if thread jacking.
  15. _UNKNOWN

    My 3D printed carb horns

    I'll take a set of printed NRCAs please? Bahaha XD These are really badass and the fact you used a 3D printer makes it even more raw.

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