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    I am selling my precious baby girl. I will be happy to send information, videos, pictures or videos. Recipes for most of the parts and work done. Located in the Erie PA, Southwest New York, right not the state line and Lake Erie. Pricing the truck at “10K”($10,000 US DOLLARS)


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  2. Been a while since I've been in here, having issues with the carb on my truck. Can you guys advise me as to what is my best option for the issue of a old tired stock carburetor . Would even be willing to ship it out to a carburetor gooroo guy, or gal. I've used a guy in the past for other carburetor rebuilds, the guy actually has engines that he tunes the carburetor with....I would be willing to attempt to rebuild the carb, hoping for some advise as to my options, part number, or kits you guys may know of, truck is complete, restored, just having issues with it running correctly, also does any
  3. Bought a set of aluminum wheels, they are correct bolt pattern, but offset on wheel is not going to allow for tire clearance on rear fender wells. Does any body know what the offset dimension is for the nl320 unibody? Aftermarket info for wheel options would be very usefull. My 320 is in for body/paint, items out for chrome, interior is in the works also! Excited to get the project completed....will be posting pics as progress is going on. Windshield gasket material info,door bumpers, basically all rubber components. Found a set of rubber clutch, and brake covers in the shape of feet ( right o
  4. U-joint p/n "precision 351" from sprite,midget...trans shifting shaft seals, timken p/n 471466...dist. Cap napa/echlin P/N EP306( for stock points set up) rear trans seal national seal P/N 710324. Found these part numbers form another source...will continue compiling a parts number list so the next guy can resource parts and not have the same problems I'm running into.
  5. Me again...lol, had truck in for required Pennsylvania state inspection, didnt pass due to excessive movement in tie rod,drag link/center link,and king pin on one side. I'm planning on refreshing all the steering components, start from scratch....then comes the issue of getting the front end alignment done. Any helpful ideas/comments are very welcome. Hoping parts are not gonna be a nightmare.thanks again!
  6. Hey guys, had drive shaft off to replace U joints, they seemed ok, when re-installing them I had to rotate the yoke end on diff to get u joint into saddle on diff....when I turned the yoke it diddnt feel right...kinda rough, pinion bearings seemed tight, feels like contact between pinion and ring could be off? Gonna try new set of tires, when I had the front in the air, there is some run out on the O.D. Of tire. Runs smooth till ya get to about 55, then it comes on...back off to 50, and it's gone....driving me nuts...lol. Driveshaft looked good when I had it out of the truck. Carried it into n
  7. I think I've narrowed down the vibration in drive line to the rear end....any advise on trouble shooting, or replacement part numbers, would be interested in a used carrier/pumpkin,ring&pinion assembly....if any body can point me in the right direction....that would be great. Does anybody do an exchange on the assembly, turn in a core type part? Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks ss320, ordered the gasket set, 76.00$ shipped, claiming "new old stock" doesn't look like a Nissan/ratsun part.....need it....what ya gonna do? Throw money at it, then find out after the fact it was sitting on the parts shelf at my auto parts store...lol thanks for the help, hot pad.
  9. Looking for any info on interior restorations. Have stock bench seat, but has anybody found a real comfortable seat conversion? Mine came with buckets, not professionally mounted...lol. And how about floor covering ideas, sun visors need attention, as does door and window seals. Saw a thread on wing window rubber, keeping my eye on that one. One last item "headliner" replacement, or conversion ideas? Think I found my valve cover gasket, are gasket sets the same for the E1, and J13, learning curve going on here, thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks, those are good numbers to have, gonna probably do water pump soon. Good luck with you new Christmas toy!
  11. Thanks Steve, also looking for a valve cover gasket p/n for an E1 engine, 1964 1200, and grommets that seal fasteners. Cork gasket didn't make it...hope to find a rubber style(fel-pro)
  12. Yep dat be da hose wayno...thanks for the info. Adjust,adapt,overcome!
  13. Looking for parts suppliers,aka NAPA...for filter numbers,points,condenser,cap,rotor,hoses,belts...you get the idea. I am hoping to locate some frequently used part numbers with the supplier for future reference.would be great to have a list of part numbers to order consumable parts from. The upper radiator hose that's on my 320 has a molded hose outlet for the heater core inlet, what are the chances those are still manufactured? And what are my options for a good replacement hose that has the heater core inlet, has anybody taken the thermostat housing and fabricated a hose connection into it?
  14. Think I got the throttle shaft figured out, it still wasn't running so smooth...just happened to grab the distributor cap, and it smoothed right out, let it go and rough idel came back. Popped off the cap to see what was going on....points were just barley opening, set gap, and played with timing, and air screw and became a different engine....now gonna renew all ignition consumables...any part numbers or parts sources (napa?) getting the hang of the shifting pattern on the colum, here is another dumb question....when down shifting into 1st gear, the sinc-rows will not allow you to get it in t
  15. Thank you so much for all the info, looking forward to getting this issue resolved, hotpad
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