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  1. Ya man I think it's long gone oh well I'll keep eyes out
  2. Did that red Sss sell?!?
  3. She has the cleanest sunny
  4. That's a shame thanks fellas! Too bad missed that window of opportunity to Check that museum out saw some pics and Looked awesome. Will definitely make my way To Petersen museum .
  5. I'm still trying to maybe get something soon .. keeping fingers crossed Hey DeYe I read back on a old forum that you got to see the Datsun heritage museum back when it was open Do you know of something else similar to that in California still open? I have seen old photos if what was in the museum looked awesome Reza you got anything up there like Nissan or Datsun.museum up there? Or anyone know of something worth checking
  6. I know!! I read that dam I wish I had more space
  7. Hey Reza you mentioned a future 2dr project in your future would that be on the black 411 and how much fabrication would be involved
  8. Anyone in SD ca going to coffee and cars this Sunday?
  9. That hope that helpers getting paid. One my friends bought vintage plates and restored them for her 67 Porsche and they look awesome
  10. Man that is a lot of doors
  11. Are you selling it Reza?
  12. That is awesome ya will look into that nice job on that buy
  13. You keeping those black Cali plates?
  14. Awesome I will keep in mind nice!
  15. The red sss is still up looks like a reasonable project would need to find r16 to get running though don't think I know any shop willing to do a rebuild on one it looks like all parts are there would be awesome to find a running project
  16. Let me know how it goes with uship I might be able to talk the boss into justifying a 411 project
  17. Grand total for the parts car and the shipping wow man
  18. Hey reZa you get that 411 shipped??
  19. Patriot auto transport and ufirstautotransport Gave me good quotes
  20. Yea I'll check email later for you but there was a couple great pricing I received from two companies I'll look at my emails but should be reasonable
  21. Man I wish I had space to grab that red was Would be so awesome. Lacking space at moment my 210 is in storage for a while. Hopefully soon get an upgrade bigger place with a large garage . Then can have the toys back
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