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  1. Has anyone found a source for a aluminum radiator to fit the 520 and still be able to use the hand crank? Ive got an original but the lower tank is cracked beyond repair. I found others that will fit and have correct hose location but are too tall to still use the hand crank. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Rushnracin

    350 in a 620

    Hooker headers used to make a complete kit for the swap. I had a 73-620 with a 3.8 it used the same fiberglass firewall. This made small block with th350 easy. Came with motor and trans mounts. V6 kit had headers too
  3. Rushnracin

    J13 Alternator

    Sorry guys ive not been checking in. I now have 7 sets made. Useing 2 myself. Can also give the correct p/n for a napa belt. Text me and ill send photos. They are solid machined 7075t6 aluminum. $30.00 a set. Leave text ill call you back and send pictures 310-940-5433 Roy
  4. Arias pistons in gardena ca. Has built a set of .060 over for me. They have cad model and could make them to fit your needs
  5. Rushnracin

    J13 Alternator

    Ive made a real sumple bracket and run a GM singke wire 100 amp. No extra holes. It uses existing hohes in stock mount. I made 4 extras. Im a machinest and got bord. If you want i can try to post pictures. This is not about trying to sell stuff. Just trying to help a fellow datsun owner
  6. Try looking for MGB,Nash metro for them
  7. Thank you for the information and spelling lesson.
  8. Do the duel headlamp fenders fit a single headlamp truck. Do they interchange? Keeping single headlamp features
  9. just found listing on e-bay. classic-auto-glass. $325.00 new
  10. Obviously a 1200 is 1200cc and the 1400 is 1400cc da. Two different generations of engine. My point was I thought the flywheel dia. Of the e1 1200 was the same as the j13. I do know the trans from a A14 will not fit a j13. Bell housing is too small any thing else I was incorrect about you have my apologies I will try to keep my fingers off the buttons from thi point on
  11. Rushnracin

    J13 Pistons

    Call Arias pistons and they can make a set for you. They have cad model for .060 over with about 1/2 lb increase compression. Little baby pop-ups. Running set in my truck now. Making smaller size is a breeze. A12 pistons are dished top and will lower your comp. these thing are already gutless without lowering the comp.
  12. Arias pistons can make you a set of pistons. They already have a Cad model for a set .060 over with a small comp. increase. I'm running them.
  13. Try getting in touch with Wefco rubber. Wefco.com. It won't be molded for corners but they can and will make anything you need. You will cut and glue corners They are not too costly. Web site is limited. Call and ask send picture with dim. Of cross view of sample piece. Extruded rubber and foam products
  14. I'm a little confused here. I thought the e1 and j13 were common motors with shared dim. The 1400 has a smaller flywheel than the 1300. The trans will not fit j13. I've made this mistake. Now purchased 280zx trans. And will make adapter from here. It is my understanding that the L series will work with J13. Confused on working photobucket. But can send pics of either with text mess.
  15. Some people are crazy about they're J13s. I drove from L.A. To Stockton ca. To get 1 for$350.00 and pleased with it. Maybe not crazy/nuts?
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