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  1. Mine is in bits again in the workshop of my friend and car whisperer Shaun Briggs, who is doing stuff I haven't done, can't do ( electricity voodoo ), or have done wrong : ))
  2. I seem to remember reading somewhere that had the war in europe continued for longer, Sir Arthur Harris, head of RAF Bomber Command, planned to replace all the four engined Lancasters and Halifaxes with Mosquitos. The reason being that they could fly two missions per night due to their speed, while risking the lives of just two crew members and still carrying a substantial payload.
  3. Looks like the end scene from the film 'American Graffiti'....
  4. Hi, I am in the UK also, used 280zx struts with Techno Toy Tuning coilover kit and a Willwood brake kit ( using 15" wheels ). For the rear you can use GAZ coilovers ( available direct or through Burtons ) to suit a Mk2 Escort.
  5. Background to photo; http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2012/04/last-flight-of-lt-paul-kaschuba-and.html
  6. Love your car and all the pictures, legend : ))
  7. This weekend after several months of severe mojo loss, I finally got my rear end in gear and fitted my R180 rear end. It quickly became apparent that I will need to re-work the exhaust for clearance. I still need to lock wire the bolts that secure the shafts to the hubs/ stub axles, which I have never done before, so I am looking at Youtube tutorails ( how did we manage before YouTube? ) If anyone else is going to do this conversion; the R180 is obviously slightly bigger in size. The case at the bottom toward the front of the car is deeper and extends further forward than the stock R160 which
  8. ...some of you may find interesting, other Japanese cars too; http://www.datsuncars.co.uk/?page_id=87
  9. This weekend I removed the old diff and driveshafts from my 510 to swap in an R180 and CV halfshafts. It wasn't quite as easy as described; "Remove driveshafts using a 14mm wrench" and "Unbolt differential securing bolts and nuts and remove from crossmember", made it seem a lot easier than in reality. To anyone who has not done this before, you need to grind the outside circumference and the top of the end of the 14mm wrench to make it narrower, to access the nuts and bolts that hold them to the hubs. Regarding the diff, once all the nuts and bolts are removed, there are two square spacer wash
  10. "What's your radiator/intercooler setup like on this? I'm assuming the radiator is below the intercooler? " Brandon, the radiator and intercooler are the factory ones from a 2-wheel drive Sierra Sapphire Cosworth. Yes, the radiator is below the intercooler, I cut the radiator support panel wider, and converted the headlights to only two with air intakes to aid cooling. I also used the smaller exhaust manifold from a 4x4 Cosworth Sierra and boost hoses and notched the sump at the front to clear the cross-member and steering, adding 'wings' on the side of the sump to make up for loss of oil spa
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