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  1. TiMopar

    What did you do to your dime today?

    This weekend I removed the old diff and driveshafts from my 510 to swap in an R180 and CV halfshafts. It wasn't quite as easy as described; "Remove driveshafts using a 14mm wrench" and "Unbolt differential securing bolts and nuts and remove from crossmember", made it seem a lot easier than in reality. To anyone who has not done this before, you need to grind the outside circumference and the top of the end of the 14mm wrench to make it narrower, to access the nuts and bolts that hold them to the hubs. Regarding the diff, once all the nuts and bolts are removed, there are two square spacer washers sandwiched between the diff and the bottom of the crossmember on the rearmost pair of vertical bolts through the diff. I drove these forward with a flat bladed screw driver until it alows the diff to be moved forward enough and the rear studs are free of the moustache bar. The moustache bar can then be removed and the diff pulled back and manhandled out. I now need to swap the driveshaft flanges on the new/ old diff and swap over the bolts on the stub axles.
  2. TiMopar

    pic of your dime

    "What's your radiator/intercooler setup like on this? I'm assuming the radiator is below the intercooler? " Brandon, the radiator and intercooler are the factory ones from a 2-wheel drive Sierra Sapphire Cosworth. Yes, the radiator is below the intercooler, I cut the radiator support panel wider, and converted the headlights to only two with air intakes to aid cooling. I also used the smaller exhaust manifold from a 4x4 Cosworth Sierra and boost hoses and notched the sump at the front to clear the cross-member and steering, adding 'wings' on the side of the sump to make up for loss of oil space. If you are considering the same swap you are welcome to PM me any questions. I would say that there are probably more modern, lighter engines now which would give similar power, but I already had this engine. Just to add, the non-running L20 engine that was in the car has gone to my friend over here for his Bluebird coupe, so it hasn't gone to waste : ))
  3. TiMopar

    Car Porn

  4. TiMopar

    Car Porn

  5. TiMopar

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    Those sheds still exist, they can be seen from miles away....
  6. Time Left: 3 days and 2 hours

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    must be complete with screws holding it together and nuts that hold it to the car.


  7. TiMopar

    pic of your dime

    Some time ago I posted some pictures of my 510, just after I had fitted a Cosworth Ford YB Turbo engine. Now thanks to my friend Gary Mills, who plumbed the fuel system and wired in the ECU, it is finally running. Still haven't driven it yet, as I need to fit the R180 diff and CV joint axles... If I ever drive it as far as it has travelled on the back of trucks and trailers I will have done well!
  8. TiMopar

    Anyone watch Wheeler Dealers?

    On behalf of my fellow countrymen, I apologise for the 'British douchbag'....
  9. TiMopar

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    'Friday The 13th' of 158 Squadron RAF was the highest mission Halifax of the war. Legend has it that it came to be named thus after the crew chief asked the then Captain what he should name the new aircraft. "Call it what you like, I'm not superstitious" was the Captain's reply. After the war the aircraft was displayed for a time on a bomb site in London's Oxford Street, after which it was promply scrapped.
  10. TiMopar

    pic of your dime

    Bamboo, yes I want to put it back to the original color one day, but everyone else says leave it as it is....
  11. TiMopar

    pic of your dime

    Hope to finally have mine on the road this year.....
  12. TiMopar

    Car Porn

    This Daytona was exported to Australia and converted to RHD there. It was repatriated to the USA by well known Mopar guy John P, who left it RHD but painted it blue....
  13. TiMopar

    Car Porn

  14. TiMopar

    Car Porn

    This whole thread is car porn; http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/10/team-wild-cards-invade-long-beach/

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