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  1. Thank you 68Datsun510, Randy, Gene for your fine words. It looks like the show will be in the month of November! That will give me time to prepare for this event. We will be able to fit at least 90-100 cars for the event and about 30 vendors. So it’s a lot bigger then the usual place. And plenty of parking for everyone. I will be going to the Datslocos event on May 22nd hopefully to see some old friends up there.
  3. Doing better my friend. Sad news my mom passed away a month ago so it’s been real tough dealing with the passing of my mother. But we are hanging in there. How about you? How are you doing?
  4. Hello Everyone and Bigtanker I just received a phone call from a good friend that there are rumors that the Eagle Rock Car Show is over? Just letting you know that Eagle Rock Car Show IS NOT OVER! And also that I’m moving to Long Beach and Left Coast is taking over my event that’s false and also ridiculous. Now many people know that due to the pandemic the homeless took over the place that we had my show for over 13 years but that doesn’t mean that my event is over! I already have a new place still in Eagle Rock but we still have the pandemic! So when everything clears and I have a green light
  5. Sorry Brother the show has been canceled do to the Corona virus outbreak. The Mayor is being told to cancel all events and shows for now until further notice.
  6. Hello we are 10 days away from the event. RAIN OR SHINE we will still have the event. vendors please get here early I’ll be there at 4:30am. People with trailers get inside before 6am please call me. 323-972-3737 You must be inside before 6am. Thank you
  7. I want to thank once again everyone for showing up to the Eagle Rock swapmeet this past Sunday. It was a perfect day! I couldn’t do it without you guys. Thank you very much. Shout out also to the ones who made the long trip. Ted and his crew from Washington, of course the crazy one James Johnson, Julian with the 720 parts, Hector with the Datsun emblems, Ross from Garage Boso and his crew from Arizona, Datsun Rod and his awesome crew we go way back. Angela the Datsun lady. The guy with the awesome truck from Santa Cruz that had the tent on the side sorry I forgot your name. Jeff and his pop
  8. Finally got the approval for the event sorry for late notice but the show must go on. November 10th, 2019. Tell a friend
  9. If anyone wants to volunteer and help out on the event please let me know I would really appreciated it.
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