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  1. Hello everyone we are just a few days away from the event. Vendors please get there early. Also please read the guidelines there's a new rule (for vendors) Also remember is (DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME) so turn back your clock one hour. See you Sunday!
  2. hello everyone the new date is posted for the next eagle rock datsun show. vendors please read the new rule! thank you

    mini truck bbq

    That's good Gene don't let anyone pressure you on the pictures put them when you can. Too many haters in this world!!

    Datsun swap meet 08/19/18 2455 masonic dr san jose ca

    Datsun Nippon Car show from Eagle Rock will be attending! Looking forward to this event!
  5. Hello Everyone just a reminder to the vendors: VENDORS MUST BE IN BY NO LATER THEN 7:00 A.M. Thank you. Also if you are towing a vehicle with a trailer you must be in by by 6 A.M.!!! Thank you. See you guys and gals on Sunday any questions just give me a call
  6. Yes the swapmeet is every 4 months so November will be the next swapmeet after July. But October is going to be a Datsun event only once a year. I'll have more information in the July swapmeet.
  7. Thank you for posting on FB. Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally got the approval for a Datsun only event for the month of October. I will have more information in the upcoming event in July.
  8. DATE: NOVEMBER 4th, 2018 TIME:7am-2pm ADDRESS: 1100 Eagle Vista Drive ,Los Angeles, CA 90041 Vendors: $30 EACH parking space. SHOW CARS $8 dollars entry that includes 1 car and driver . passenger or walk ins $3 dollars. Vendors: EXTRA parking spaces are $30 EACH so 2 spaces $60 and 3 spaces $90 so plan accordingly FIRST COME.... FIRST PARKED.....EVERYTHING MUST BE PARKED BY 8AM (tow rigs or trailers must be in by 7am no exceptions) place your event card on your dash so it can be seen by an event staff. we had almost 50 vendors last time so you will have to park in the assigned space. if you disagree with the assigned space, (remember first come first park) and give attitude you will be asked to leave. this event has grown and the space has not so, now all cars that have not paid in the show will have to park outside. I'm there at 4:30 am so you can get there early and get a good spot. if towing a vehicle you MUST contact me to get a secure spot. no cars on trailers after 8am. If you are a vendor and show up late you will have to unload your vehicle and park your car outside no exceptions unless clear by Jose Santos !!VENDORS!! NEW RULES if you do not have your money upfront to pay for your vendor spot you will be asked to leave your california I.D. with me. you will get your I.D. back when you can pay for your spot. thank you NO BAD ATTITUDES, NO BURNOUTS, NO ALCOHOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have FUN and THANK YOU!!! for more information please contact jose santos at (323)972-3737 or email bluebirdsss@netzero.net Z PARTS call Ranman 916-496-7750 510 parts call the 510keeper James at 530-575-0911
  9. Just waiting for the approval from recreation center. It will be on July 15th

    Datslocos Cali 14th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 19th 2018

    What a great event it was nice to meet new people and old friends up in Manteca. Thank you Gino for this event I really enjoyed it. Looking forward for the next one. Definitely we will be there.
  11. Thank you guys for supporting this event shout out to all the vendors that drove hundreds of miles away for this event you guys are awesome! It was a beautiful day just like I knew it would be. Also all the people that showed up thank you very much. Next event will be in July maybe second week of July not sure on the date until I get the approval from the park. We will see guys in four months. Thank you once again. Be good humans!
  12. Hello everyone we are just 5 days away from the event. It's going to rain on Saturday but not on Sunday. Just like 2 years ago it rain hard the day before the event but Sunday the clouds opened up and it was a beautiful day. So it's RAIN OR SHINE! Once again vendors we are going to be tight on space, so vendors if you have big truck or vans you will need them to leave them outside across the street if you get there early you'll be able to see your truck or van across the street. Please get there early. Trailers need to be in by 6am. I'll be there at 4:30 to open the gates. Thank you guys see you on Sunday!
  13. Hello everyone we are almost a week away from the event. Remember trailers need to be there super early. It's going to be packed by 8am. I'm there at 4:30 in the morning so please be there early to get a good spot. Also the L.A. Marathon is in the same day so try to avoid downtown L.A. area. They will be a lot of closures on that day. See you guys soon!
  14. Hello I always had trouble getting the right offset on a Datsun 510. I found some nice +37 old school SSR Rims 4/5 lugs. But I was wondering if it will fit my Datsun wagon. Or can they be custom fitted with different struts? Thank you for your help

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