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  1. BNardG

    4 Dr Floor Pans! Suggestions?

    I'll know more after the car has been blasted. I'll get in touch with you then. There is definitely going to be a lot that needs to be replaced
  2. BNardG

    4 Dr Floor Pans! Suggestions?

    Sweet, do you guys do transmission tunnels and firewalls?
  3. BNardG

    4 Dr Floor Pans! Suggestions?

    We're taking it to Myers sandblasting in Oakland. Troy Ermish http://www.ermish-racing.com/ in Tracy recommended it, so it must be a pretty legit spot. They epoxy primer after as well. I'm afraid this car is going to turn into swiss cheese but I gotta start somewhere. Once I pull everything off I'll get some pictures up. Probably going to wait a few more weeks before blasting. Get as much prep work as I can get done.
  4. BNardG

    4 Dr Floor Pans! Suggestions?

    Yeah I need to blast this thing and see how much needs to be replaced first.
  5. BNardG

    4 Dr Floor Pans! Suggestions?

    That Topic has been dead for 4+ Years
  6. BNardG

    4 Dr Floor Pans! Suggestions?

    I'll post some up when I get home in a few hours.
  7. I've noticed that most of the Floor Pan Topics are pretty old so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows of any up to date places to find some. I just picked up and stripped a 68 4dr. I'm planning on getting it blasted this weekend. I noticed the floor pans are going to just disintegrate when it gets blasted and need to be replaced. Does anyone know where I could find some?

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