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  1. Chandlers71

    intercooler and radiator help

    hey guys been searching around the realm for ic and rad comboes, found a lot of info but saw a lot of people cutting up the top brace and frame to make room . im looking to do the least amount of cutting as possible i realize i will have to do some but i dont want it to be visible, ive seen pictures before of it done and it looks clean! dont get me wrong i can do the fabrication i just get a pain in my heart when i cut into a classic body, give me ur guys suggestions, also i have an sr22det with extensive mods and a gtx3076r so im looking to keep everything cool for safey :thumbup: thanks guys
  2. Chandlers71

    Datsun 510 GL tail lights

    thanks guys i apreciate the help
  3. Chandlers71

    Datsun 510 GL tail lights

    does anyone know where i can get a set of datsun 510 "gl" tail lights, i hae been trieng to post on parts wanted but am unable to, thanks guys
  4. Chandlers71

    Backed into my 510

    i have a passenger side fender for sale
  5. Chandlers71

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    that caddy wagon is soo my style

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