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  1. Freak Style

    510 Fiberglass fenders and front valance

    Wow that's terrible to find out....
  2. Freak Style

    510 Fiberglass fenders and front valance

    I mean the fender is about a inch short from door. Yes, sorry I meant 72.....
  3. Just as the title states. I believe these are for a 68' because they were about 1" too short for my 74 four door or could be for a 2 door? Can anyone confirm this? 300 shipped because shipping will be about 150-175 for everything. Thanks
  4. Ha saw this on sr20-forum a few days ago... it's some honda forum guy who owns a Vee-Dub.....
  5. Freak Style

    510 fiberglass

    You are a gentleman and a scholar.... I got a hold of the guy and he's shipping. Thank you. Anyone have a lip or hood?
  6. Freak Style

    510 fiberglass

    I have a 72 510 4 door (if that makes much of a difference) I want: fiberglass fenders, bre lip and possibly a front valance and hood. I know of some places where I can get these for a decent price but I was wondering if maybe someone has some that they want to get rid of. Thanks, Truett

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