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  1. Sent it off to get painted, guy took all the trim off, painted it (did a pretty nice job) and told to come pick up. I got it with all the trim off and a bucket of screws all mixed together. I have no clue how this goes back together or where to source the clips/hardware he lost or broke. So still a long road. Trying to get him to take it back and finish
  2. that BAT one is quite a bit nicer than mine. I'd actually love to build a little 2.0 ford. The power coming out of the triumph isn't that great. But you don't need much in such a small car. I'll keep it all original as long as everything works. Seems most of them have been molested for better or worse.
  3. They actually look great from behind. But I agree the smashed catfish look on the front isn't great. Very fun though from the little I've driven it. Sounds pretty nice too
  4. In all honesty, I've had the 240 and 260z for a couple years and never really played with them. My 510 has an Sr so this thing is the extent of my side draft in line 6 knowledge, but it looks very similar. That's the 2.5l triumph motor out of a TR6. Carbs are strombergs :/ (for now)
  5. Filthy when I got it Engina Tucked away
  6. Just picked on of these up. Surprisingly similar to my 240z. 2.5l straight 6, side drafts, 4 speed, 2 seater with rear cargo/deck. Just british, uglier, fiberglass and coilovers
  7. Finally got my headlight relay repaired over the weekend so I can put that back in and wire in my new headlights. Been picking away at bodywork, definitely not my favorite thing.
  8. Gauge cluster fully in again Some on / off pics
  9. I got the car into the garage so I can tinker with more often. Getting quite a few little projects with it buttoned up. I finally put the gauge cluster back together and tested it. I'm as far along as I was (turn signals, water temp, oil temp, high beams) and am working on the fuel gauge and the speedo. Speedo should be done tomorrow and I'll get some on and off pics with it all buttoned up.
  10. I feel as though I need that 521 in my life. No trades and far though :( hopefully i'll find one closer to home and that clean
  11. I feel a strong desire to understand what this is and have it in my life. Looks like a cross between old school Kenny Roberts dirttracker, a café racer, and a yzf,
  12. never seen anything like that benz before, but I can't take my eyes off it. Love it
  13. I looked through all my old pics and I don't :( I do have the best intentions of putting it back in soon, at which point I could take pics. It looked completely black when it was off (used tinted acrylic). and the gauges shown through just dandy and looked awesome when it was on. Its on my project list and i'll post up when I make some progress.
  14. theuy are def RC windshield is black. front diff is centered tie rod end is plastic with a metal pin through it rock sliders are off the frame (that those buses don't have) and you can see some wires behind the front left tire. VERY VERY nice RCs, but still RCs
  15. I would do dirty dirty things to get that suburban in my garage
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