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    74 180b, 78 Sunny Panelvan, 69 1600, 70 240z, S2 33 daily
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    Bikes, Datsuns
  1. Tobym

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Wouldn't count on it
  2. Tobym

    Ratwagons Dime

    Id say half the Dattos in the country Have 31 rear brakes haha
  3. Tobym

    A kid and his first Datsun (pic heavy)

    ^ what this guy says, My car looks like a fucking bucket but it pulls up, and goes hard.
  4. Tobym

    The Adventures of Janis the 610

    Always have time for 610s :thumbup:
  5. Tobym

    Hanzo Steel

    If They Turn out to be Arias Racing Pistons and you don't want them Id be interesting in buying them :)
  6. Tobym

    Car Nicknames, Whats Yours?

    Dads 240 is Known as "The Zed"
  7. I was wondering if anyone would actually pick this up, looked pretty bad in the original pics, Happy to see someone is giving it a shot!
  8. Tobym

    Nateee's 1973 610 SSS Coupe

    Seen this On ADC, love it :D
  9. When you can't drive cars into your dads workshop because the floor space is filled up with engines and parts :P

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