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  1. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you like it.
  2. So I finally managed to steal enough pictures to put a post up on our build. We bought the truck from Dat Man last summer and then proceeded to leave it on our trailer for 6 months until I finally decided we had to do something.... We took it down to "Ballsd" a well known company in the VW world and worked a plan out to get the frame on the floor... So he set about making a custom chassis so we could get bagged.. Whilst in there I took the panels over to Paintbox and Neil Melliard to get some work done advertising our Auto event company.. And once we slapped it altogether this is what we got... This is just the start as we plan to body drop it and goto town on the body aswell as fit a Bluebird Turbo engine, but now we are just enjoying it. Jay
  3. Anyone know what engine code a Bluebird Turbo is?
  4. Thanks for response guys.. TBH I was looking for just a little more power not an immense amount maybe a 1600cc on a pair of carbs. Problem is I'm in the UK so even harder to find J series.
  5. Guys I have a 67" 520 truck running the 1300cc engine, what other engines slot in there please?
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