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  1. It sure can Tyler Round two maybe later today https://instantweather.ca/2018/07/10/hVXMqE-severe-weather-outbreak-forecasted-by-environment-canada-for-today-tonight-for-much-of-saskatchewan-tue-july-10th-2018-/
  2. Hopefully that is over, some incredible lightning thunder, hail,rain, you name it, seen a funnel cloud try to form about 1km away from here, some touched down in this area, way to freaky to see it all take formation like it did, and quick. Dad's phone was ringing like mad people phoning and warning, kids have alerts on their phones they were going off alot. The person next door I think his dad has a farm, lost windows in his house, many broken windshields etc, flash flooding in spots, everything that wasn't bolted down outside here we all put it in the garage and shed, a number of crops were damaged from what we were told, unpack car time we think
  3. It sure isn't, been through a small one years back, this is.no small system at all. Thanks Ron
  4. For sure, car is loaded, pretty sevear hail, hearing of lots of hail damage windshields smashed out, trying to get out from hail, it's so surreal like a movie alerts going off etc, we are in a small town this.town still has a warning etc, WOW
  5. Holy crap, we have been in a tornado watch then warning nfor a while here, Cray hail etc, south of moose jaw (about a hr)
  6. Thanks Tyler, long drive it is, secind time to drive here in a month. 3rd time this year.
  7. Thanks everyone, at Mom and Dad's place, been here for a few hours, Mom's ashes are here now :(
  8. Thanks guys Rise and shine, time for a drive
  9. Long drive in the am, 2100 k one way
  10. Thanks everyone Just had a bear visit my back yard( too the left of the tree with bird house ,not the best pic,couldnt get it fast enough)
  11. Mom passed away today,Until we meet again,love you always. March 30 1949 - July 2 2018
  12. 510freak

    What are you listening to???

    RIP Vinnie Paul
  13. 510freak

    My '76 710 Goon

    It is, But some of the stunts drivers pull along there is crazy anytime of year.gotta be first, gotta be first.
  14. 510freak

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    RIP Cervantes Sorry for your family's loss Ron

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