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  1. I am looking for direction on the Z24 engine. I have a low mileage  Z24. I have an L20b A86 head with a "damn cam " and it is fuel injected . Can I put this combination together using the stock Z24 block and internals ? What type of horse power might I expect ? Any direction and advice would be appreciated . It will go in a 1970 510 to replace the L20b.


    1. datzenmike


       Instead of starting this in your STATUS why not on the truck 720 forum? You may get more replies and people searching in the future will find it more easily....https://ratsun.net/forum/53-720/


      Click the START NEW TOPIC green box upper right side of page.

  2. I'm new to this forum but not new to the datsun/nissan game. I have to say the Z24 is by far underestimated. I've personally built my Z24 for "racing", I drift my 720 on the daily, not professional but just love doing it, and while out driving I tend to hurt peoples feeling when the can't keep up with the single cammer. Not trying to boast but the topic was on the Z24 and I think its a beast.
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